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would an fx 8350 bottleneck dual RX 480 crossfire?

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2 minutes ago, lolzisgoodforu said:

would my fx 8350 bottleneck RX 480 crossfire? im pretty sure it will but im just making sure.

Probably, depends upon the game/application of course

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Hold let me look into my crystal ball!


It most likely will bottle neck, one 480 dunno?

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My old FX-8150 bottlenecked my Radeon HD 7970's until I pushed it to 4.2GHz where the bottleneck stopped. I believe the 8350 uses what the Vishera CPU architecture? I think the 8150 was Bulldozer. I'm willing to bet yes but some overclocking should help it not to.

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Most likley yes, If you can OC your 8350 to something like 4.8ghz, it would soften the blow. BUT i would still recommend getting a better gpu. You will not see the full performance of the cards but your fps will improve. You can get zen or intel cpu later on.

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I guess it would BUT it depends on the game since it won't be as much of a bottleneck if you play on higher resolutions.

to take a example i have a fx 8350 and r9 290 and on 1080p i would not get that great of gpu utilization but now i have triple 1080p i have 100% utilization ALL the time.

also depends on the game if it asks a lot of cpu power or not.


On 11/19/2014 at 2:14 PM, Syntaxvgm said:
You would think Ubisoft would support the Bulldozer based architectures more given their digging themed names like bulldozer, Piledriver, Steamroller and Excavator.
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Depending on what games you play, yes, or maybe. But the higher your resolution the less bottlenecking you will experience

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2 minutes ago, war4sure said:

Or maybe you wait until Zen came out later this year

He already has the 8350.

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Usually I'd cite my crystal ball on questions like this, but I think it's reasonable enough to say yes, it will bottleneck in most situations.

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A single RX 480 is the max you will want to go with that CPU unless you aim for 4K 30FPS in which case get 2 cards.


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yes it will due to amds already shit driver overhead, 2 cards will be to much

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Please for the love of smooth, enjoyable gaming, stop considering SLI/Crossfire. You will run into issues, you will run into instances where you get no performance gains, and you will be left with cards that don't retain their value all that well. AMD's x80 cards have always been great value for their price, but were almost never recommended that you get two of them because performance is just too unpredictable and it's much better to spring for a faster single gpu card that you can afford now and possibly sli or crossfire it in the future or sell it and get the next big thing. 

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Probably, my FX-8120 at 4.4Ghz (Cinebench R15 score= ~580) is definitely a bottleneck to my GTX980. I have a few games that only use 60% of my GPU but 70-80% of my CPU and only get 45-50FPS.

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Having issues with a Corsair AIO? Possible fix here:


Are you getting weird fan behavior, speed fluctuations, and/or other issues with Link?

Are you running AIDA64, HWinfo, CAM, or HWmonitor? (ASUS suite & other monitoring software often have the same issue.)

Corsair Link has problems with some monitoring software so you may have to change some settings to get them to work smoothly.

-For AIDA64: First make sure you have the newest update installed, then, go to Preferences>Stability and make sure the "Corsair Link sensor support" box is checked and make sure the "Asetek LC sensor support" box is UNchecked.

-For HWinfo: manually disable all monitoring of the AIO sensors/components.

-For others: Disable any monitoring of Corsair AIO sensors.

That should fix the fan issue for some Corsair AIOs (H80i GT/v2, H110i GTX/H115i, H100i GTX and others made by Asetek). The problem is bad coding in Link that fights for AIO control with other programs. You can test if this worked by setting the fan speed in Link to 100%, if it doesn't fluctuate you are set and can change the curve to whatever. If that doesn't work or you're still having other issues then you probably still have a monitoring software interfering with the AIO/Link communications, find what it is and disable it.

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Unlikely the FX 8350 is a good to pair with SLI or Crossfire setups. Intel chips mostly only support up to 24 PCIE lanes of bandwidth. So if your running 2 GPU's on Intel one of them is bottlenecked only getting half the bandwidth at 8x. Unless you spend a bunch of money with their Haswell or Broadwell series CPU's you wont be supplying all the GPU's with full 16x PCIE bandwidth. The FX 8350 supports up to 38 lanes of PCIE bandwidth at a very affordable price.  

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