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Crypto-mining mining on Android; where to begin?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Out of interest to see what kind of rates my Galaxy S6 was capable of, I downloaded a crypto mining app but as a complete noob I've no idea how to begin. Reviews for this app were 4.1/5 on the play store so I thought I'd give it a try. Let's just say, I'm determined to make back the £2.50 I spent on it in the next few months :P

So firstly,
Do I need a constant internet connection to mine?
Can you recommend me a server pool to join?
What 'currency' should I mine nowadays as there are a few to choose from?
And what's the difference between VFP and Neon?




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The amount of electricity and wear and tear on your phone will be MUCH bigger than the 2:50 quid you spent. Why do you insist on heat-choking it?

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Do not waste your time and money (and battery life too) for stuff that's no longer worth it.

Cryptomining is practically dead for years (if you don't buy specialised equipment)


Go with Folding@Home or BOINC instead, if you want to use your computing power for a benefit.

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