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Best LGA 755 MotherBoard for gaming

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I would like to OC with a q6600 and I don't have a OCable MB right now, which MB would be the best for this?(and not be too expensive)


(Don't just tell me to save my money and get a better CPU and MB)

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Just look on ebay for something. That's going to be your best option probably. Decent boards on Ebay for that socket usually range from $40-$60

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37 minutes ago, M.Yurizaki said:

The problem is you have a locked CPU, so any overclocking is going to have to be done using BCLK adjustments. You may not be able to overclock it much because BCLK screws with everything else as well.


Otherwise your best bet are boards with the X38, X48, P35, or P45 chipsets.

Well it uses Frontside Bus rather than base clock. It is a bit different. It will impact RAM speed and such but a good P45 or X48 board will do >500 (stock 266) FSB. 


@ op you should try for a P5Q(3) Pro Turbo or Gigabyte EP45(T) DS3P


3/T mean DDR2, non 3/T variants are DDR2.

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I had this board and it was a great overclocking board, but not the easiest to find and not the cheapest either.  It is considered one of the best LGA 775 boards.

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A good overclocking motherboard is going to cost you $200, for that you can get a much better motherboard and CPU than your q6600.

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