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Internet Explorer 11 will not open

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone, 


I'm having some issues with Internet Explorer. If I double click the icon for it, I get the loading circle next to the mouse pointer for a couple seconds, which then disappears and nothing loads, ever. No error messages either. I have looked in task manager and whilst this is happening internet explorer never appears (unless I'm missing it). 


Things I have tried:

Running without add ons/extensions.  

Running as administrator

Disabling internet explorer - restarting - enabling internet explorer - restarting

Resetting internet explorer in Internet Options menu

Running malwarebytes (no threats)


All of the above has not worked at all and I'm at a loss of what to do. This is with a brand new installation of windows 7 professional, with mostly brand hew hardware (excluding RAM and PSU). The PC has 4GB ram and an I3 4170. This problem occurs when no other programs are running so it cant be a ram issue?


Please don't suggest other web browsers, this is my fathers PC and he likes his internet explorer 11 (for some reason). I also want to understand what the problem is here. 


Thanks in advance, much appreciated.





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Ahh now I've just realised that would require a web browser so you might want to use a portable version of something like Firefox or Chrome temporarily to allow you to re download it?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
18 minutes ago, Joshlikescola said:

Maybe try re-downloading it? It might have accidentally deleted or corrupted or something? 

You could use this link to have a go:


Thanks for the reply. I have tried to re-download it but when I try and install it, it says it can't because internet explorer is already installed on the computer. 

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