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Topics like this generally turn into flame wars, and don't have much purpose, so it is being locked before we have to start handing out warning points.


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  1. 1. What is in your Rig?

    • AMD
    • NVIDEA
  2. 2. What brand do you prefere?

    • AMD
    • NVIDEA

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Depends on your PC budget, neither manufacture is "the best"

i7 4790k | MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition | G.Skill Ripjaws X 16 GB | Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB | 2x Seagate Barracuda 2TB | MSI GTX 970 Twin Frozr V | Fractal Design R4 | EVGA 650W

A gaming PC for your budget: $800 - $1000 - $1500 - $1800 - $2600 - $9001

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2 minutes ago, FlavorZ said:

Which is your preference and what do you have?

Starting wars. 

Novus Anima

CPU - 4670K @ 4.2 GHz | Motherboard - ASUS Z97-PRO | CPU Cooler - Corsair H105 

RAM - Corsair Vengeance (4x4GB) | GPU - EVGA GTX 1060 SSC  

Storage - Samsung M.2 64GB SSD, PNY 240GB SSD , WD 1TB Caviar Blue, WD 500GB HDD

PSU - EVGA 650W G2 | Peripherals - Logitech G710, Logitech G602 



MacBook Pro Mid-2011 

Surface Pro 3



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And the mod's will be on this thread like a fly to horse shit and lock it down before this goes any further. 

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I have Nvidia, but I prefer AMD. At least from the use cases and budget  I would have, I would prefer it.

"We're all in this together, might as well be friends" Tom, Toonami.

Sorry if my post seemed rude, that is never my intention.

"Why do we suffer a lifetime for a moment of happiness?" - Anonymous


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Having GeForce Experience alone is a huge plus, makes updating drivers so much easier. Not even mentioning all of the features it includes. From my experience with cards from both brands is Nvidea is more stable but AMD has made great strides in the last several years. Do your research. Pick a budget for your card and look at the benchmarks for the cards in your price bracket 

Just waiting for that next upgrade 


Current Build: 

CPU: Intel i5-3750

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LK

Ram: 16GB Corsair Vengance


Case: Thermaltake Chase MK-1

Storage: Intel 480GB 535 Series SSD, Seagate 1TB

PSU: Corsair TX750M


Other Systems:

Dell Poweredge 840/2800 A.K.A Frankenedge or Frank for short 

Coming Soon....

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Nvidia because green is my favorite color. 

[CPU: 4.7ghz I5 6600k] [MBAsus Z170 Pro G] [RAM: G.Skill 2400 16GB(2x8)]

[GPU: MSI Twin Frozr GTX 970] [PSU: XFX Pro 850W] [Cooler: Hyper 212 Evo]
[Storage: 500GB WD HDD / 128GB SanDisk SSD ] [Case: DeepCool Tessaract]

[Keyboard: AZIO MGK1] [Mouse: Logitech G303] [Monitor: 2 x Acer 23" 1080p IPS]


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nvidias ok, so is amd. I prefer nvida purely for the ability to play games from my tablet. 


Main PC |CPU - i7-6700k|GPU - R9 290x tri-x 4gb|RAM - 16gb ddr4|MOBO - MSI z170 - A PRO|HDD - WD 1TB/240gb Sandisk |PSU - 700w Raidmax

Laptop |CPU - i7 4720hq|GPU - 960m 2gb|Ram - 8gb 2x4|Model - y50-70 Touch|SSD - 240gb Patriot drive|Display - 1920x1080 IPS touch



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