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Is it safe to share debit card with Steam Support?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I'm trying to update my phone for my Steam account so I can use the mobile authentication system but Steam needs to send a text to your old number confirming it's you so you can change it to your new number. I don't have my old phone number so I contacted Steam support and they requested that I send them a picture of a CD key that I've purchased either from a physical box or a CD from an email...

I have neither of these because the only game that I've bought directly through Steam was Grand Theft Auto V and I only got a confirmation of purchase email, not proof of ownership of a CD key..All other games I've bought through G2A.

Essentially, I don't have sufficient proof for them to be convinced I own the account. I've already told them the old phone number, my address, last four digits of my debit card and they said I need to attach a CD key as proof own ownership.

Maybe I could send a picture of  my debit card, support ticket number alongside a printed receipt for GTA V? Should I cover up some of the numbers on the card?


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do not send your debit card,

when you buy games on G2A they give you a product key, send that to steam support.

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7 minutes ago, AstroBenny said:


I don't think that would be a good idea.

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No. If you have no CD key you won't get anything. 

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Did you use paypal for any of the transactions? I was ordered to give the same details when my steam account got hacked so I locked it...gave them 3 screenshots of paypal invoices (one in emails, one in paypal's website and one screenshot of the first game I purchased on that steam account with paypal and they said it was enough evidence :P but this was like 1 year ago and they've tightened up security even more...(p.s. some times I really do find Steam's email scammy...)


edit: forgot to mention that anything personal or not needed for steam support was blurred out or was covered up with a white box...with the use of the no other MS paint :D 

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Send the cd keys you got from g2a, if they already are activated on steam, there's no risk.


But please, DON'T EVER share credit/debit cards informations over the internet !

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dont share your card details or anything not a good idea

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23 hours ago, Naeaes said:

Please don't do it. Don't send the CD key either. It's clearly a hoax.

Actually, Steam Support do ask for CD Keys when trying to recover accounts. Have a search there's quite a few people that have had loads of trouble with hi-jacked accounts trying to get them back, the main problem is people bought HL2 retail and later on in life threw the box away thinking they wouldn't need it. Causing quite a headache for account recovery.

and we will live such tragedy in perpetuity.

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If its the legit Steam SUpport asking you for a CD key,then thats normal,if you search on their official page they say its one of the ways to verify that you are indeed teh owner of the account.If they asked you abouyt debit.credit card numbers,DONT GIVE ANYTHING.Steam has made it clear they wont ever ask for any credit/debit card credentials.

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