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8gb ram vs 16gb ram - Motion Design

Coming from your same position, YES

I was using AE with 8 gigs, now that i have 16, gets rid of that 70-80%  very good :)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Age old question. With a twist 8)


Now, 8gb ram is normally enough for gaming and general use altogether. But. For motion design, namely After Effects, would opting for 16gb be a good investment? Personally, I have 8gb ram and I've noticed that I normally hit around 60 - 70% ram usage while doing ram previews and shoot up to ~80% during final renders, the number of frames ranging anywhere between 300 - 900 frames. Now, is that as much as ae will use? Or will opting for 16gb show a noticeable improvement?

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Just now, AsrielDreemurr said:


hardware canucks did a video on this wich will is out on vessel and will hit youtube soon.

long story short yes its worth it. especially because ram is cheaper than ever.

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Yes it is worth it. For most types of content creation, 16GB will be worth it.

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