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Hi, Jackson :)

Need a good advice for microphone.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, i'm currently looking for a second headet or just a new Mic. Currently i'm using the Senheiser 558 with a modmic 4.0. It's decent. However, i'm looking for the new mic due to the modmic has many static noise. I'm willing to give modmic a go again, but i'm very afraid due to the last one crap on me. However, i was thinking about Plantronics Starset H31C/D with DA45 USB adapter. That is roughly around 120 dollars investment. I'm somewhat interested in RS175 with senheiser again but .... again, no built in mic.



I'm lost...


TLDR: looking for new mic but doesn't know what to get. Have a headphone, doesn't use gaming headset (Corsair 2100 broke), modmic crapped out... need advise..



Thanks the community for the help


Update: I do not willing to drill a hole to mount yeti or blueball, so that's out the questions. Thanks for those good advice, keep them coming through

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21 minutes ago, Hi, Jackson :) said:

Doesn't want to drill hole on the walls since this is the apartment, not a house.

You really don't have to drill a hole as the snowball/yeti doesn't take much space...

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Vmoda Boom-pro is notably better than the modmic. You have to buy an adapter though (not from them or senheiser, but random peeps) to make things work with only one cable.


Obviously this is assuming you are open to sticking with a headset.

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