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Posted · Original PosterOP

I need a new laptop for business outside my office, as light as possible and good battery life. My main issue is that I always end up looking at 1500$+ Laptops and I would like to stay under a 1000$CAD
Main Uses: Photoshop, Lightroom, Serato DJ



Minimum Specs:

  • Between 13 and 15 inch
  • SSD 128Gb+ ( would love to say 500Gb SSD but no laptop includes those so the only option would be to buy a cheaper laptop and buy the SSD on top )
  • 1080p IPS Screen ( up to 1440p no need for 4K)
  • Windows 10 64bit 
  • i5 1.07GHz
  • 2Gb of VRAM ( does not have to be dedicated graphics but is apreciated, if dedicated: Nvidia )
  • 8Gb RAM ( would love more but rare are laptops with more than 8Gb )
  • 2 USB ports (would like a Type C but can't have everything)
  • Ethernet Port (Gigabit if possible)


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Have you looked into the Dell 7000 Gaming Series? It's as budget as it gets without selling bad quality stuff, especially when on sale. If I were you, I'd just walk into the nearest Best Buy and pick a laptop from there.

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