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HDMI 2.0 GPU for HTPC?

all GTX900 GPUs have HDMI 2.0

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Posted · Original PosterOP

The HTPC will be for web browsing, movie watching (Netflix, Hulu), emulated gaming (Game Boy, Genesis), virtualised retro gaming (SimCity 4, RCT2), and finally Minecraft.


This will be on a 4K HDTV that has HDMI 2.0… what’s the best GPU for this setup that has it?

EDIT: If at all possible, please recommend an NVIDIA GPU as this will all be on GNU/Linux.

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【RETIRED】SENUSRET (Lenovo ThinkPad S1 Yoga)

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CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 (CPUMark ~2,826)  Motherboard: Gateway/Acer OEM, µATX-compatible proprietary forme factor RAM: 4× 2GiB Green-PCB Generic DDR2 DIMMs  Storage: 500GB WD Green replacement HDD OS: Microsoft Windows Vista SP2


CPU: Intel Core i5–2450M (CPUMark ~3,404)  RAM: 2× 4GiB Green-PCB Samsung DDR3 SODIMMs  Storage: Intel 520 Series “Cherryville” 120GB SSD + WD Black 2.5” 750GB HDD  Display: 14” 768p 16:9 built-in TN LCD  OS: Crunchbang-like Arch Linux x86-64

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Posted · Best Answer

all GTX900 GPUs have HDMI 2.0

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If you didn't plan on doing any gaming, the 950/960 would do just fine. I can't comment on how those cards would handle the emulated, retro, or minecraft. I wouldn't think those games would take too much GPU power.

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amd cards u gotta order a converter

ncix is still having """ supply issues """" month freakin later i should just force a refund and get it from the damn company myself

with my display port 1.4a to hdmi 2.0 that does 4k at 60hz




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