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What to use for sound: Xonar DX or Supreme FX ?

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Hello I got myself a new Maximus 8 Ranger motherboard which has Supreme FX sound on it which is told to be best motherboard audio. In my current build I am usin Xonar DX souncard wit unofficial driver, because official actualy sound bad at least for me. I must state that I only use TOSLINK output and no headphones. I heve a 5.1 system with high quality floorstanding speakers and a Harman Kardon AVR5500 reciver. It is unit from 2001 and I wont replaci since it sounds better than most never ones, it has 16 kilos by the way. I am usinx xonar for Dolby digital, but Supreme FX uses DTS.neo. No problem for me because receiver can use both encodings. My question is if supreme FX isbetter than 8 year old card for optical listening or not and if someone has any experience. I am asking in advance as I am still waiting for my RAM to have all the parts for Skylake build.

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Well I'm not an expert on specialized PC sound cards, but DTS will almost always sound better than Dolby Digital. Think about using an external DAC/amp, as internal sound cards can be compromised by the other components.

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Thread has been moved to the Audio sub-forum.


@AjintaWelcome to our forum! Just make a self-note to post in the correct subforums in the future, if you have any questions or you're unsure where to post something you can PM one of the mods that are online at the time and we'd gladly help!


Hopefully now that this thread is in the correct place more experienced members on this topic can assist you more easily :D

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6 hours ago, Ajinta said:


Optical is digital, so the card/mobo won't be processing the audio anyway. If you try both out, and find one to sound better, use that one. It shouldn't make a huge difference though.

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