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Paying big bucks for a gaming mice

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I have reached the age of 30 years now and since i have been gaming since i was very little, i felt like sharing some info on what i have learned.


This might be handy if you don't really use a claw or a palm grip but something inbetween.


Once i picked up the pace and became more competitive as the games added ladders, MMR and what not. I became more aware of the details that needs to be paid attention to. I started off by using basically a Logitech RX250, it did not have that name back then but it is basically the same model.



If you look back at old videos this was the gold standard for gaming in a time where "gaming hardware" was not as big or a thing as it is now..

And as you also might notice this is the same shell Logitech used for their first gaming mice, the "G1"



This model or should i say shell is probably the longest standing gaming mice you will find. It has gone through several iterations (with some small chances in shape) and the latest was G100S


It has that classic form that just works and you will find several similar shapes form other companies.


The reason i am even talking about these old mices is because i have used them for 10 years now are my benchmark for everything.

I only had a year or two off when i found the Zowie MiCo. This one i found better for Starcraft 2/RTS as it allowed more free movement and thus speed which is key in SC2.


Mico to the left. A small mice allows for movement inside your palm. Its a personal taste thing..



One of the things i am really focused on is the weight. Or the lack of it. The RX250 has a weight in it and by removing it goes down to i believe 50-60grams.

This is something i feel most do not talk about.


Around 60grams lower and im very happy. I feel like i need to hold the other mices harder to avoid them from moving in my hand after my hand has stopped. It also forces you to really jank the bugger of the ground to move around in CSGO.

The flick shots is a big deal in CSGO and weight in that setting is for me very important.


Another cool detail about RX250/G1 is that you can bend the plastic to alter the actuation force. (They are separate from the shell) Normally something non adjustable as it is defined by the switch.

I like quite like light switches.


I have had:


Razer Abyssus - Good mice but i found the buttons too high causing stress on my muscles, i had developed basically carpal tunnel by working 8 hours on CAD and then gaming all day SC2.


Steelseries kindzu - Too heavy and the passform was not right for me, i never quite got the hang of that one. Strange really. I think it is slightly too big and pulling back with the fingers making it hit the inside of the hand earlier than what im used to.


Zowie MiCo - Great mice for Starcraft 2 or if you have small hands. for CSGO i suddenly found my old RX250 to be the more natural feel. It was as i meet a old friend again and everything worked.


Mionix caster - Fucking ship anchor. Just forget it. Also the middle button open tabs etc. fails on me. In addition i believe the side buttons where easy to accidentally touch.


Mionix Naos - Love the shape, really ergonomic and pleasant. And lighter than the caster. Still too heavy for FPS for my taste. But this one is good. It has my recommendation if you like that kind of shape.


Logitech Pro - I add this as i would like to tell you to avoid it. The biggest dealbreaker is the weight as it is somewhere around 80grams. In addition the thumb buttons are poorly positioned and the scroll wheel is terrible and too hard.




The reason im not commenting on their sensors is because i simply do not notice much difference, they deliver in that regard as long as you have a solid mouse pad.

That sais my ancient pre RX250 at work actually fails on Corsairs mousepad, it is also not slippery enough so i ordered a new logitech pad.

I think that one needs to hit the trashbin tho.


"So what on earth am i getting out of this?"


Your learning that its important to find what works for you. "gaming" mice is a big marketing gimmick and does not equal it being better, faster or lighter, for you.

You may need a billion buttons or feel that LEDs is important. but for me, they are nothing but weight slowing me down.


And the pricetag does not equal quality. My Zowie at home failed after just 3 years.

I have never been a logitech fan, never paid much attention to it really.

But im starting to acknowledge that Logitech is making some solid products, they even state the weight in the specs. "Hardcore" Zowie does not...


You want to become one with the mice, find what works.  :P Don't think, flick it and kill it.





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I use a Logitech G502 that came with a G640 mouse pad. I bought  it off amazon just before Christmas for £30. It is doing me just fine and uses the 3366 so it is accurate. Unfortunately it is quite small so i've developed a hybrid claw grip. A good mouse overall. There is no need to spend over £40 on a use. I guess i'm just lucky i found this on sale :) 

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And today, Logitech's $150 wireless freak

Please quote my post in your reply, so that I will be notified and can respond to it. Thanks.

I do not offer free or paid insurance coverage to anyone let alone bungee jumpers and skydivers.

I do not work in a profession or for a business that has anything to do with the tech/gaming industry.

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I've never been a fan of "gaming" mice.  I use a mouse so much that I need all the ergonomics I can get.  So far the best I've found is the MS Sculpt Ergonomic mouse is the best (and yes, it does work in Linux and Mac).  Even the "ergonomic" mice don't really cut it because all of them that you can buy today are wired - hardcore twitch gamers might not like that, but for my filthy causal gaming and design it is fantastic, latency is slightly lower than most Logitech wireless mice. 

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The castor is considered heavy? I always thought it was pretty light.

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On 13/1/2018 at 5:55 PM, MatsNorway said:

haha. Put it on the scale then. light is less than 80 grams these days.

Lol u wont find a gaming mice under 80Grams anymore nowadays :P

So under 100Grams is considered to be light by many.


But its a nice article.

I mean yeah sure most gaming mice especially entry level and high end one already has a really overkill sensor that is impossible for a human being to fully max it out.

Now they cant improve the sensor anymore but they must come up with something, something that is unecessary or u people call it gimmick such as reducing the LOD to 0.5mm,more fancy shape and lightning,heart rate detector,vibration and oled display,modular side grip,etc that is just going to add the extra cost and weight.

Sure if we tackle this gaming mice had it's gimmick but it is also has the best,the most accurate and precise sensor compared to a non gaming mice.


But in the end its all about personal preferences.

Find one that is suits you

BEFORE YOU BUY GAMING MICE (Technical terms,Optical vs laser,Popular mice sensor,Mice suggestion,etc)

Always use quote or tag ashen one,We don't want you to go hollow in here.

I love Dark Souls lore,Mice and Milk tea  ^_^ Praise The Sun! \[T]/ [LOGITECH G402 REVIEW]

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please, mouse and mice not mice and mices. that hurt to read

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On 4/10/2016 at 5:16 AM, kingatlas said:

I use a Logitech G502 that came with a G640 mouse pad. I bought  it off amazon just before Christmas for £30. It is doing me just fine and uses the 3366 so it is accurate. Unfortunately it is quite small so i've developed a hybrid claw grip. A good mouse overall. There is no need to spend over £40 on a use. I guess i'm just lucky i found this on sale :) 

I also have this mouse and got it on sale for $50 US....i absolutely love this mouse.

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