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Biggest Fails

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Hey Guys,


As the title suggests I thought I would start a little topic about the biggest fails, whether tech related or not, so I'll start with mine.


I was building my first pc, which im still currently using, and whilst taking the cpu out of the packaging.... well I managed to drop it from about half a meter straight onto a solid wooden desk. As it hit the desk it bounced and flipped over and then the other side hit the desk too. Because I was new to pc building I was worried that I broke my cpu... somehow it took no damage... I think.


Anyway, feel free to share your biggest fails, whether tech related or not.... and please keep this sensible.

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when i was assembling my PC, i set it up outside the case to test if it was working, and it worked fine.

however i pulled out one of the ramsticks, just to see wat would happen. system obviously crashed.


idk why i did it

There is no such thing as a bad PC, there are only BETTER PCs

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Flashback too two years ago when I first built my pc. I had little to no clue as to what the hell I was doing; I mostly just hopped in some teamspeaks and was like "Hey look at this pcpartpicker link". After ordering all my parts came the time to build it finally. 


Everything goes fine. Mother board goes where it should, psu didn't explode, graphics card is in, cpu fits snug etc. Now I didn't have any sort of idea about how each part works. I figured anything short of a GTX Titan would be only kind of runnable. Now up in till then, the most graphically intensive game I could run was portal 2 on low graphics and even then only like 30fps and the laptop would still get unbearably hot. I remember thinking "Man lets see this 40fps in minecraft xDD :33" (Literally what I said in skype). I start it up and boom 140 fps. I was in shock and awe. Mind you, I have an R9 280, fairly powerful. Now at the time I didn't know this, I figured considering the price it would be basically shit so I wasn't surprised when I only got 20fps in the loading screen of Thief (Don't judge me it came free with some AMD thing). I figured that I couldn't run anything AAA or too intense. After about a month or two the topic of fps came up in teamspeak. (Mind you still in my minecraft days) A tech savvy friend of mine heard about my fps "issues" and got me to check my graphics card. I didn't have the 8pin all the way in. 


Mind. Fucking. Blown. So many fpses. 500 in minecraft? 120 in thief? Skyrim sets itself to Ultra? Life had only just begun. It only took me another 2 months to learn how to set up my SSD.


Tl;dr: Graphics card wasn't plugged in. (And I'm still an idiot)


I now realize that this is probably way too much text but I'm already too involved

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