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Yes $800M (as 800 million dollars) in 1 day. Costs to develop+marketing were about 260M$.

$800MILLION$  in 1 day

$800MILLION$  in 1  day

Damn :lol:

We want PC version






Grand Theft Auto 5 publisher Take-Two Interactive tallied $800 million in sales on the game's first day of release, the company announced today.

That's the highest launch-day revenue of any GTA game and any game in Take-Two history, according to internal estimates. Grand Theft Auto 5 launched yesterday, Sept. 17, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 worldwide, except in Japan and Brazil, where it will be released soon.

Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 currently holds the record as the entertainment release that was the quickest to reach the $1 billion mark — last November, Black Ops 2 grossed $1 billion within 15 days of launch, one day faster than 2011's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and two days faster than the 2009 film Avatar.

"All of us at Take-Two are thrilled with the initial response to Grand Theft Auto 5. Once again, the team at Rockstar Games have outdone themselves, setting the entertainment industry's new standard for creativity, innovation and excellence," said Strauss Zelnick, chairman and CEO of Take-Two, in a press release today. According to Take-Two, more than 8,300 stores in North America held midnight openings for Grand Theft Auto 5.

The game is available in a standard edition for $59.99, a Special Edition for $79.99 and a GameStop-exclusive Collector's Edition for $149.99. Take-Two did not release a figure for the total number of copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 that have been sold so far.

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Well it's GTA 5 what you expect I just want it on PC so I can get more then 30 FPS

                                                                                                                                       # -_-     [Planned RIg AKA Project ARES    -_-#

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Hype will do that. 

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So much money just from ps3 and xbox games :mellow:

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Rockstar, you have the money so where is my PC release so you can get more money?

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I don't and won't care until a PC version is released.... I'm guessing they will release it together with the next gen consoles?

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I think that they would have reached over $1.5 billions if they would have released the pc version in the same time

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Marketing and sales planing...


Release GTA5 only on current gen consoles, some PC players will also have console and buy it anyway Make a butt ton of money...


Release GTA5 on next gen consoles, make a butt ton of money...


Release GTA5 on PC, make a butt ton of money...

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Even crazier when considering that even the Avengers could only gross 200.000.000 in one weekend.

144Hz goodness

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This is going to be the mentality from now on: "Well, they already made 750 million, time to pirate it."

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Even crazier when considering that even the Avengers could only gross 200.000.000 in one weekend.


well, movie tickets don't cost $60 and don't have special (+$20) and collectors(+$90) editions to add to those sales figures and never underestimate the power of delivery and lazy people like me

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wow... well if this was released on PC it would have easily passed 1billion

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GTA 4 First week sales was something like $900 Million I think, don't quote me on that I think it was a week. So for this to sell just 100M under than in just one day is.. damn... That would mean they are probably going to make $2 Billion at the least by the end of the week  :lol:

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That number would be over a billion if there was a pc version.

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Those are not actual sales figures.

They are an estimate of the total amount of copies they've distributed and the net worth of them which includes the stock purchased by retail stores.


It even states directly in the article that they have not released any sales figures, they are simply estimates.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
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