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Rig upgrade advice needed.

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

Hi folks. 


I recently started thinking about upgrading my rig since it's been a while since i built it and i'm not completely happy with performance in games. The rig is pretty beast as you can see below but the performance is just not there i'm talking about GW2 mostly here since i'm not really playing too many games but GW runs terribly. Don't get me wrong i can run any new games e.g. Witcher 3 etc but i get those weird performance issues once in a while that just annoy me and i expected more from a rig like this. So specs:

Gigabyte GTX 980

MSI z77-gd55a 

16gigs of Corsair vengeance memory low profile CL 9 

beQuiet straight power e9 700W PSU 

i7 3770k 3.5gb 


I thought about upgrading that MOBO or CPU, i'm not really in place to upgrade GPU even tho there's not much of a point to do so it came out few months ago. Psu is enough for this rig i guess so my pick would be as i stated before but i'm not exactly sure i'm decent at tech but terrible at details, clock speeds and all that stuff. 

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980 is still pretty beast. I agree with @Dr_Pleeper. Upgrade the CPU and motherboard, 

You know how it is, the cow goes "moo", the dog goes "woof" and the gamer goes "The PvP is unbalanced."


Personal Computer: CPU: i7-4790 Mobo: Asrock Z97 Extreme6 Graphics Card: MSI R9-380  Memory: 16GB (8GB x2) G. Skill Sniper Gaming Series PSU: Apevia Warlock 750W Case: NZXT Phantom 410 Series Storage: 240GB SSD (OS) 3TB HDD (data and such) 500 GB SSD (Movies and Large Data Transfers (I'm constantly moving this one around to other computers))



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Posted · Original PosterOP
4 minutes ago, WarWeeny said:

no matter the processor, you will still have sub 50fps with world events if that is what you are worried about.

Not really worried about that i don't think there's a single guy that can achive higher frame rate in zerg. But if i'm in open world between 30 and 60 fps with options turned all the way down except textures and amount of  characters and level of their detail turned all the way up somethings not right. Of course first what comes to mind is PC full of trash bloatware, adware virsuses or drivers are old. None of it actualy and that's why i'm thinking about upgrading my CPU or MOBO. I thought maybe there's bottleneck somewhere or maybe MOBO is failing me.


16 minutes ago, Dr_Pleeper said:

Get a 4790k and a asus z97-a

Would this MOBO be good upgrade? I compared these two and don't see much of a diffrence but then again i'm not really good at picking parts. 

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" and amount of  characters and level of their detail turned all the way up "


There is your problem.


i can play 60fps constant in gw2 maxed detail with an i5-2500k, you should do too with that 3770k.

lower both of those settings to medium and watch the fps go 60 flat.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Disagree. I can sometimes achieve over 60 fighting Mordrem Troll Iron with over 10 people and of course ground aoe's all around but it will be inconsistent when nobody's is around for example standing in camp i had around 45 or walking between forts at around the same fps, sometimes stutter here and there but that's been since i started playing this game. But when you look at people's footage for example Wooden Potatoes's it's fluid. I don't know his rig but the diffrence can't be that huge. 

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