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Overclocking i5-6600k, is these safe?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everybody!

Currently I'm in process of testing my new miniITX rig (Asus Z170i Pro Gaming, i5-6600k, EVGA 970 SSC ACX+, 8Gb 2400mhz Ram, Cooler Master Seidon 120v rev2, Cooler master elite 130).

I changed CPU ratio to 46 and set 0.030v offset to core voltage. Aida64 is running for 13h (and counting), everything is stable. CPU-Z reports, that core voltage fluctuates between 1.27V-1.3V, however, Asus AI suite and Aida64 shows slightly higher values, 1.312V-1.344V. CPU temperature (reported by Aida and AI suite) is 55C-57C degrees and, CPU Package temperature is ~65C degrees with peeks to 71C. Hottest core peeks to 73C degrees. Motherboard temp is 40C. 


All above temps occur when fans on radiator spin less than half of their speed. When set to full speed CPU temp drop to 48C, CPU package drop to 50C-55C withe peaks to 60, and mobo temp to 33C degrees.


Are my settings safe for long time usage? What about temps?

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Messing with multiplier and bclock wont screw up ur cpu.  At worst it will become unstable.  1.3 Vcore isn't terribly bad.  If your temps dont exceed 90C, I can't imagine itwould break faster than it becomes obsolete.

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if you are using this system for gaming then there would be hardly any times when your cpu is pinned at 100 for a long period of time   so you really don't need to worry unless you are doing more intense tasks.

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Those settings and temps are perfectly fine.

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looks safe

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