Hey guys,   I've been working on a website where you can see all the social media accounts from all the Linus Media Group employees  (I did this because there was no easy way of following everyone on social media) https://lmgaccounts.mikaturk.nl pictures: (V1.0, will be updating them some time in the future when I have time) Please post suggestions down below or create an issue on github   Source code is available here: https://github.com/mikaturk/lmgaccounts   Changelog: V1.0 - Launched the website with twitter, twitch, instagram and forum support V1.1 - Added Youtube support (and alot of youtube accounts) - Added Nick's twitch - Added Dennis' forum account - Fixed some minor bugs V1.1.1 - Not really a new version, but only a new url, https://lmgaccounts.mikaturk.nl   V1.2 - Coming soon!   @nicklmg @Slick @LinusTech