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Which Cooling Pad for gaming laptop??

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Few Months ago a bought an alienware 15(early 2015)(specs given Below). Since I bought in winters I didn't face any issues until now. Since I live in India and with summers comming(it really gets hot here,42C) I was considering buying an Cooling Pad for my laptop.

That was backgroung story Now here is the question.

Which Cooling pad 

1. Single 200mm fan

2. Dual 140mm fan

3. Quad 100mm fan

Which will provide better cooling(Given approx same quality).

Also Will dual 140mm make more noise or single 200mm??


Following LTT youtube since mid 2012(not forums) and he hasn't made a video about it any help would be appreciated.


i7 4710hq

GTX 980M (4GB)

16GB 1666Mhz DDR3

128GB SSD(samsung) + 1TB HDD


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Okay here is the thing ambient temperature in my case would be way higher besides i would still like to kn which makes more noise becuase i am pretty much down on buying it for that 5C drop

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It is my opinion that a laptop (especially anything performance oriented) that cannot handle it's own heat (albeit cleaned) should be considered defective. Unfortunately, OEMs views seem to be the exact opposite. 


Depending on location of the air intake, just having the vents unrestricted can prove beneficial. I've seen a damaged usb port from running a fan on it though, so some warning there. 

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