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980ti Darwin Awards: Help

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"I'm a DIY type"

I'm sorry, but as a high schooler I don't think you've been near, yet alone worked with any type of electrical circuit before, Only an imbecile would drill (quite a botched drill too) that close to the elements, obviously damaging some circuits (I don't know how did you decide you didn't damage any circuits, even if these things weren't multi layered you'd still end up with a botched video card if not for the dead circuits for the fact you've risked or simply temperature damaged all of those components). 

I'd suggest either buying a prebuild for your next PC or at least learning a tiny bit of electronics/ drill work (or common fucking sense mate) before deciding that drilling through a video card worth a grand will magically not damage it, or simply buying a new case instead of risking a thousand bucks.

Honestly, was ANY thought process involved in this?

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