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The Phonebloks Upgradeable Modular Smartphone Concept Is As Awesome As It Is Unlikely

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Merged 9th thread.

Most of these pages are just posts of the same thread lol and there aren't that many comments imo.

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I was here to see what you guy think of this, but the word of the moment is REPOST.

With that said this idea looks cool, mainly the part you choose the phone you want it to be, but those blocks need to be recyclable or accept by the phone companies, or we are back at square one.

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9 threads?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I love this idea but really people ._.

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Phone blocks is a concept phone with the idea that you can fully coztimze your phone to have the parts you want with a modular style phone base where you can swap out faster parts for weaker ones all with a modular back plate.  for example if i was a huge cloud user so i spwap out my storage "block" for a bigger battery "block".  This phone also set out to reduce the ammount of eletronic waist created when we throw out our old phones every two years for a new one. 


I see a couple of problems with this

1) yes we arent trowing away old phones every year but we will still be throwing out phone "blocks" all the time

2) How will you get the oprating system to contatnly adjust to the new phone cobinations that everyone is making?

3) Corperations/manufactuerers like money and if they are only developing a block veruses a whole phone they cant controll as much of your ecosystem and make less money, though corperations like qualcomm I can see backing this because they make phone CPU's insteand of full blown phones.

4) If you drop your phone wont that send "block" flying EVERYWHERE and maybe you loose your CPU under the couch or bend your 4G pin?


though I do like the idea of getting full costomization over my phone like i do with my computer, though I am worried it will be dumbed down a little.




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Already posted. Please use the search function.

I like the color scheme of Noctua fans. Deal with it. Forget about the bad memories of the past.

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Not going to happen anytime soon sadly for now it's just a dream

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Seriously? Another thread on this? Please next time use the search function. I know it sucks but I'm sure it will show one of the 10 other threads about it.

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Posted over 9000 times just STAPH

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