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Setting up a Wyse P20

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So my friend has a Wyse p20 and he wants to use it as a PC downstairs in his house? How can he set this up can he set up a environment on his PC upstairs and have it run off that?


if show what does he need because I know nothing about this haha


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I tried to look up this model, and I found some details, but not enough to tell you how to set it up. I rcommend you do this:

1 find out what protocols it supports for accessing the host, like RDP, VNC, etc

2 look up the protocols you found and set up a server for one of thise on the host computer

3 access the host from the thin client.

Looking to buy GTX690, other multi-GPU cards, or single-slot graphics cards: 


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This looks like an old thin client, it seems to support PCoIP( PC over IP) which means it should work with a VMware Horizon solution, and or possibly Citrix. but both are large scale enterprise VDI solution's, not something one can run on a desktop PC.

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