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Two Servers same domain, different port.

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Hi, I am trying to run two game servers on the same IP, I want to use a domain like csgo.mywebsite.com and csgo2.mywebsite.com. I currently have a DNS A record pointing to my IP and it works fine for the server using the default port, but the second server obviously needs a different port. So I need a way to make a subdomain point to an IP with a port. The problem is when I try to add a subdomain in CPanel on my host, it doesn't allow me to make one. Do I need a subdomain to do this? Because when I just use an SRV record with the IP and port, when I connect to it in console it says bad server address.


Thanks, I am kind of bad at explaining so let me know if you need clarification. 

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You need to have several things in place for this to work:


1. An "A" record for csgo2.mywebsite.com - this is what stores the IP address, the SRV record can only store a hostname and not an IP address, similar to an MX record

2. A program that understands how to use SRV records, such as SIP or XMPP. Most games do not know to go look at SRV records to get the port of the server, and you have to specify the port in the game itself when you give itvthe hostname.

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