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text editor issues. Firefox Android

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i am experiencing an issue with quoting, navigating with arrowkeys on a BT KB, marking text and deleting and  lastly, tapping backspace rapidly on Firefox android app.

issue #1:Quoting causes me to be unable to type outside the quoting box. shift+enter or tapping on screen does not fix this. Sometimes, randomly, it will allow me to type outside the quote, 8/10 posts, i have to give up typing any reply on mobile.

Issue #2: Navigating with arrowkeys on a Samsung EJ-CT800 BT KB is broken. Doesnt matter if i use my old Logitech KB either. Any BT KB used within Chrome or Firefox on Android will result in the same issue. Issue is that sometimes, rarely, i get to move the little "typing bar". The rest of the time, i am moved outside of the editing window. Doesnt matter if using full or quick version (this issue has persisted since the old forum.)

Issue #3: Marking text causes forum editor to not respond. Doesnt matter if marking via touch or via shift+arrowkeys.

Issue #4: Tapping backspace on BT keyboard or onscreen keyboard causes editor to stop responding. I will have to tap on the screen to start typing or editing text again. Sometimes, this even happens with single taps of backspace too.

another issue is that sometimes, when trying to tap on the screen to navigate in the text editor, your cursor/typing bar will locate to any random location directly above or below where you tapped. Using a stylus does NOT help.

Devices used to test:
Sony Xperia Z2
Android #5.1.1
Chrome 48.0.2564.95

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.1
Android #5.0.2
Firefox 44.0
Chrome 48.0.2564.95

BT keyboards:
Logitech K800
Samsung EJ-CT800
All keyboards are NORDIC, not english standard. ATM i run a android extention to help make nordic keyboards work. BUT, my issues were there prior to installing said extension, and the extension has not made anything worse or better in regards to LTT site functions. It only made my keyboards work as they should (aka, give me æøå and many symbols found on nordic keyboards)

Also, default Android browser, aka "Internet", cannot even display the text editor properly.
Internet version



















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I can say that Firefox quoting and spoilers + tagging are known issues and sadly require update from IPS side. I too am waiting for it.

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