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Neptune Pine - A BAD Idea - KICKFARTED ep1

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2 hours ago, Patres87 said:


Xperoa Z3 I believe but that's not fou shou emoji4.png

cheers m8, does look a lot like the z3 plus or possibly z5, outa my budget atm though ;)

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I'm liking this series already. I would have never backed this project...looks crappy.

、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽマッテェ(ノ;Д;)ノ `、、ヽ`☂ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ`、、

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i wasnt gonna make a account but i saw the ssd giveaway figured sure why not but i did also back this kickstarter they sent me my unit on jan 28 and it arrived with cracked screen based on the packaging they placed it in the box like that still waiting on follow up email which still hasn't been responded to. This being the first kickstarter ive ever backed is really making me not want to touch another as it kinda just a whim if they ever do anything with your money

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Absolutely loved the format. I think the way Luke is positioned in front of the camera made the content seem more truthful and down to earth. Try and use this style for important videos that really need to make a point.


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The product was a bad idea to begin with.  Backing it was a bad idea.  I feel like these Neptune guys are being unfairly attacked for a bad idea that a lot of people are responsible for.


The criticisms about shipping seem fair.  If many backers never received their finished product, then that is a problem.


The product appears to be about as good as could be expected given the price and feature set.  To actually get something that Luke might want to use, it would have to cost at least as much as a top tier device, if not more.  This could mean $1,000 USD.  Even after that, it's still a bad idea at the core, but maybe the camera and screen would have been better.


Fully featured watches are ergonomic nightmares.  They are an abomination that should not exist.  I blame the backers for supporting this.

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Did I get your attention? Great! Now let me explain. I like the idea of calling out bullshitters for what they are but it deals with flopped products after the fact. I think it would be much better if LMG would actively scout out new campaigns and be very critical towards them and tell us if there's a potential and we should consider backing it or whether it's a complete bogus company with a niche product waiting to flop. Maybe even interview the people behind the product to find out if they're hardworking sincere people wanting to build an honest company or just a few lamers with a bad idea wanting to waste their time chasing a nonsense dream.

In the case of the Neptune, c'mon guys? Seriously? You were hyped about this? Anybody who could take his tech gadget glasses of and take a tiny critical look at the idea would've come to the conclusion that it is a bad idea.


With current technology it would be big, slow, battery time would suck and the current Android interface (wear maybe) isn't suitable for small devices like these. You guys should've called this out before the fact and not go like: "Hey remember this thing we were excited about and that everybody backed? Well it flopped and here's why it sucks". Yeah thanks LMG, let's be honest you guys should've and could've known this is a bad idea and as journalists it is your job to inform us.


It is time for somebody to start calling out bullshitters for what they are. Everybody likes the idea of crowdfunding that's why early idea's could rake in alot of cash. But currently good idea's are suffering. Small companies aren't getting attention because they're being drowned by all the bullshitters and secondly people are getting more cautious by the day because of all the bullshitters. Only big companies who already have some cash to burn can start a media campaign to draw attention and to be honest those companies abuse the whole crowdfunding thing for promotional purposes.





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I didn't like the concept of Kickfarted. Bad crowdfunded products make the segment really narrow.


If Kickfarted coould be about everything bad crowdfunded or not then it would be better.


Well, this was just a suggestion and  I don't necessarily think you have to follow this. 

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omg loving the format and style of the show! please do more :D

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