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USB Drive need to format to USB-ZIP or USB-FDD!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I need to create a bootable flash drive formatted as either USB-ZIP (preferably) OR USB-FDD.


I have tried just about every software I could find. And so far I have not been able to find/figure out how to:

A; FORMAT A USB Flash Drive to USB-ZIP OR USB-FDD. Using windows cmd diskpart or 3rd party software persay..?

B; I have .iso and .image forms of the linux distro I wish to use. And I can make any working TRUE .form that I need (.bin .image .iso .etc if need be.)

C; http://www.partitionguru.com/step/boot-from-usb.php I have been able to get this to boot using the USB-Zip format however.. I'm not able to successfully change the 3rd party software to the linux os I wish to make bootable..either to install or run as live cd mode. (Interestingly enough I am able to extend the 1.44mb partition it makes using AOMEI software and it still works with the default 3rd party software.) So it is possible to run/boot a larger USB-ZIP file via usb stick.

D; I tried MS-DOS, Free DOS, DD image and ISO image all failed..


So basically; how do I format the USB stick in either USB-FDD or USB-ZIP. Without having 3rd party software on it other than what is needed to make it a USB-ZIP or USB-FDD. Once formatted in 1.44mb I can extend that partition without breaking the bootable files. which will allow me to use the entire 8g usb or 30gig usb drives that I have. I know I have to have a bootable .bin because of the ZIP format/FDD. But I cannot find software that will allow me to just format the dam USB stick to either bootable format so please help.


WHY am I going through the trouble of doing this instead of using USB-HDD??? Well simple, the motherboard does NOT SUPPORT IT!  "PERIOD"


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