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Best looking case for water cooling

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Thermaltake Core X9, X2, or V2.


Ketchup is better than mustard.

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Just now, MNMadman said:

My December 2015 build has the Core X2.  I recommend a Phanteks.

Why? Specifically in the context of someone who is planning on switching from an Air 540 to a Core V2 (or X2) for a LAN rig.

Ketchup is better than mustard.

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It's an okay case.  Compared to a "normal" case it's huge.  Coming from an Air 540 not so much.  The side panels are interchangeable, so you can have the window on either side.  The front IO can also be mounted on either side.

Mine arrived "tweaked" by about half an inch.  There was no damage to the box, but the case sits on three legs.

Cabling is a nightmare.  There isn't a "back side" to this case as you can see through both side panels.  One has a huge window, and the other has mesh you can see through.


I've cleaned up the cabling since then.  I ended up putting the SSD trays back in to cover up some of the larger cables.  The fan sitting on the mainboard tray is there to cool the Samsung 950 Pro M.2 which tends to overheat when benching or under heavy disk loads.  I also went with an EK-Supremacy EVO Copper/Acetal CPU block because I didn't like the look of the mainboard without the VRM heat sinks (and the Monoblock I originally had requires them to be removed).  And the reservoir LED was supposed to be red, but they shipped me a white one instead.

I wish I had done some research on Phanteks before as my build would have been a hell of a lot cleaner.

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