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roasted pinnaple

is this a good htpc

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you have the wrong link, the build it empty.

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is the psu on sale? I think you could find a quality 500w for cheaper

lmfao the link was showing my builds 

The ssd is trash, change it with something else like the 850 evo. everything else looks okay, unless you wanna cheap out on the cpu cooler and use stock or put a 750 ti if all you do is play movies or play less demanding games

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Is there a cheaper PSU you could get? $90 for a 450W PSU?

Not a lot of storage there, do you have some kind of external storage?

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Honestly no need for a GTX 950 to watch movies, You can simply make due with a 750ti or even something on the amd R7 series. Instead of the SSD i would get a large capacity HDD Or if you want something more a SSHD, The SSD isnt all that useful for storing large amounts of Movies and TV shows

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