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How To: Choosing Your Storage Devices and Configuration

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Thank you for all the info.


I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions here.


I have been using RAID5 across three 2TB drives to hold all my data for a few years now. It has been migrated seamlessly across multiple Intel systems with the only issue being the annoying rebuild problem.


I am considering switching to an AMD system, so I am faced with a few queries I am finding no easy answers to.

1) No RAID5 support on X399 or X370; am I mistaken? This is not a deal breaker, as I am willing to switch to RAID10, but this brings me to my next question;


2) No RAID compatibility between AMD and Intel systems; is this true? I have no source for this. A friend I asked advice from dropped this bomb.

3) Does AMD have the same hassle free quality of RAID compatibility across newer generations that Intel has? Needing to reshuffle data every time I was forced to change systems would be terrible.


Any advice, personal experience sharing, etc. would be greatly appreciated. m(_ _)m

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This might be a newby question, but I didn't had a need for this except it came up just now.I need additional storage for movies, tv series, RAW and JPEG images and other stuff. For that, I have two options now:

  • Buy an 1TB external drive and plug it in my PC, and unplug if I need to transfer data to another PC
  • Buy a Raspberry Pi 3, Seagate NAS drive, pair it together and run it as a NAS machine and attach additional storage later.


Which option would be better? I would really like an option to access my storage from various devices without wires. I am aware about WD MyPassport Wireless drives but they are just too expensive for me.

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USB 3.0 is must, as USB 2.0 will be slow in comparison with USB 3.0.

More than three year warranty is good. A rugged case, non-glossy finish is best.

I always look for Tekhattan whenever i decide to buy any hardisk for my server needs, not only they are a reputed brand but there customer support is very good.

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so here i am confused on choosing fast NVME 3x4 or DRAM ssd (idk that much model pls tell me), mainly gaming so im thinking about making my NVME be cache for large HDD or just a DRAM SSD with less storage. i dont think i need more than 500gb for my main usage, i will buy a external drives for anything else.

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