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Lg g4 is lagging

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am sick of this phone. It has issue that screen freezes. I have to use power button - turn off and on the screen to be able to use phone again. Youtube is lagging, i mean videos are not smooth. Whats wrong with this phone?

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dont know about the 4g but the 3g ive had was the 16gb version and it was laggy as hell too, the 32gb with more ram was fine. on the 3g it was thermal throttling, you can increase your temps and it can stop laggin but i wouldnt recommend it.  maybe theres some fix for it on xda-developers.com


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How old is the Phone? Also I guess that it runs Android right? 

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3 hours ago, okar said:

I would say 5 months old and i use android.

Is it rooted? 

Also, do you have custom software on it?

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My wife has the same phone and it's problematic. She has to send it back under the factory warranty. They will send her a refurbished replacement...nice. She really liked her G3, but the G4 has been a let down. The camera is slower and the performance seems to be a tad worse in daily use. Of course, it could just be her current phone. I can report back once she gets her replacement.

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