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Going Paperless. Need Scanning and DMS Workflow.

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Posted · Original PosterOP


Hello, I realize this might be a strange thread to be on the LTT forums, but it's tech related and I need help. So I thought it would be worth-while for our household as well as others who want a similar solution to ask here.


The Problem

I'm mainly helping out my father who has literally tens of cubic feet of paper that needs to be better organized. Hopefuly the solution will also help the rest of the family to be better organized when it comes to paperless document organization as well. The trick is that we already have a printer that has a quality document scanner that is relatively quick and we don't want to invest in another scanner with proprietary hardware/software (i.e. Neat Scanner).


The workflow

When it comes to high-efficiency paper scanning and organization using a DMS (Document Management System) there are a few components that need to be considered and setup before scanning.

  • A backup system like a NAS
  • The scanner: Does it scan both sides quickly? Does it make corrections like straightening out pages on the fly?
  • A paper shredder
  • The DMS

Where I need help

I have a temporary backup solution which I hope to improve upon by investing in a Synology DiskStation NAS with some Seagate NAS drives.

I have a scanner that scans both sides relatively quickly although it doesn't automatically make corrections.

I have a great paper shredder.

The part I'm having the hardest time finding is a relatively cheap, home-use Document Management System. Something that automatically take the scanned documents and use OCR, index, label, and organize the documents so that they could be searched and found quickly and easily.



It would be great if the DMS could:

  • Save the final, indexed documents in PDF form for compatibility.
  • Work with MS Office programs (OneNote)

Something like eFileCabinet except without the cloud stuff, the price tag, and all the extra features. While nice, it's business orientated instead of home oriented which makes it way more expensive.


I will be paying close attention to this thread and hopefully we can make a super-cool paperless scanning and organizing workflow.

Don't be shy. Even if you don't know anything about DMS systems I'm sure you guys will have some other suggestions, which I'm open to.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm learning that EverNote has a great way to scan lots of pages as PDF and uses OCR to generate tags that are searchable. This might be the solution for us.

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