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3D printer poll

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Do you have a 3D printer?




If this poll already exists than I am sorry, I did not know.


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I want one D:

Same! Not sure which one though.

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I use it from time to time but not particularly often.

The machine in question is a Velleman K8200 and it's really good. Compatible with Ultimaker's software since it uses the same Marlin firmware that the Ultimaker uses, it's beaten by the more expensive Ultimaker because the latter has a much more lightweight printhead that can change direction more quickly.

This one is more versatile though because the gantry can easily be modified to transform the machine from a 3d printer into a CNC router. There aren't many printers that can do that.

I cannot be held responsible for any bad advice given.

I've no idea why the world is afraid of 3D-printed guns when clearly 3D-printed crossbows would be more practical for now.

My rig: The StealthRay. Plans for a newer, better version of its mufflers are already being made.

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Only 3 people said they had a 3d printer , yet 5 people implied they had for option #2 and 3 . HAAAAAACKS ! /jk

AMD Ryzen 7 3.8ghz at 1.3V Corsair vengeance LPX 8GB 2800mhz @ 3200mhz CAS 16 + 2*4GB micron ballistics @ 3200mhz cas 16 ;Gigabyte ga-ab350-Gaming 3; cooler master nepton 240M ; CF r9 290x tri x + r9 290 tri x ; CX750M PSU ; SPEC 03 case with 9 120mm fans ; windows 10 64 bit 

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