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3 minutes ago, Shreyas1 said:

on a scale of one to square, what is your favorite color of the alphabet in percentages, not fractions


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2 minutes ago, kelvinhall05 said:




wait nvm, 42 is the answer to everything

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So I actually contacted the company for my cordyceps pills to ask if they use caterpillar or grain grown cordyceps ...


'Our Cordyceps is sourced from mushroom, specifically the Sporocarp part. Please be assured it is not from a Caterpillar :)'


Erm, but thats not what I asked ... I wanted to know if that mushroom was grown on caterpillars or grains, but I dont think their customer service people would know that.


Or even other insects, this is what growing cordyceps 'mushrooms' look like:




Linus is my fetish.

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19 minutes ago, Tcrumpen said:

ATMs and Self Service Checkouts here in the UK still run on XP ... Oh dear

Not surprised. Very common. But makes you think though.

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1 minute ago, SansVarnic said:

Not surprised. Very common. But makes you think though.

Yeah i mean they have patches to stop people hacking ATMs; there was a Horizon segment on it which showed older ATMs could be hacked easily for free money (literally)


But with the focus on cyber security right now why aren't the vendors of these application making them work on 10 or Windows 8 embedded (which is basically Windows 9)

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