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Roccat Giveaway

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We are bringing you guys another awesome giveaway today thanks to our friends over at ROCCAT! They are giving away:

FOUR units of their Kova mouse, featuring a "sleek design built for pure power and speed"



FOUR units of their Kiro mouse, featuring a "highly modular, superdextrous build"


You can check them out on Newegg at:

Kiro - http://bit.ly/1SsvKKS

Kova - http://bit.ly/1PmxuPt

Kova White - http://bit.ly/1RPQgFG

But how do you win one for free?

As usual, entry is super simple:

1. Comment below telling us which mouse you want to win and why you want it.

2. Follow ROCCAT on Twitter at https://twitter.com/roccat


3. Continue watching the awesome content we produce :) (we can't actually track that, but hey, even if you don't like the videos we'll probably have more giveaways at some point... ;) ).

This is a worldwide giveaway with no age restrictions.

Entries will close in one week, on 1/28/2016.

Best of luck to all who enter!

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Mouse: ROCCAT Kova


Why: Becaus I hope I am able to start doing some extensive film editing.


Also ust wanting to say that I like how the channel has evolved, plus Linus really helps when it comes to making system.. well work.. :P

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i REALLY want to win the Kova mice because  i have roccat isku fx keyboard and  i love it an i wanted to get this mouse for a long time plus i got a crappy 10 years old hp mouse so to win this mice will be life changing

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I would like the Kiro, because it's simple and elegant. It would match my setup nicely!

Also because im stuck to a cheap mouse for some time and I don't have the money for a new one.

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Kova actually means "Hard" or "Tough" in finnish. I also like the design of the Kova very much so I think I'll have to go with that one. I'm currently using a SteelSeries Rival which to be honest I don't like for some reason. That's why a new mouse would be awesome especially when I have heard  a lot of good stuff about Roccat and its products!

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Just recently switched from TF2 to CSGO and it's kinda difficult to play comp with a wireless mouse.

The Kiro would be nice.

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I would like the Kiro mouse.

The steelseries one I currently have is starting to wear down in the rubber from my usage.

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My Deathadder 2013 slowly dies so here is a chance for upgrade :D

Thank you guys for once more!


PS: Kova it is!

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