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Roccat Giveaway

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I want the ROCCAT Kova RGB Performance Gaming Mouse in white. I don't know if I can choose the color but I will mention it just in case. I want the Kova because of the  shear # of extra buttons and the shape of the mouse if just perfect for my hand. I tried out one of my buddies and it fit like a glove.

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Roccat Kova would be really nice to have...it looks very cool and unique...and it`s Roccat. One more reason...my Maursus is braking up, it starts to strugle at games and so on...pls :D

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I Want The Kova


We are bringing you guys another awesome giveaway today thanks to our friends over at ROCCAT! They are giving away:


FOUR units of their Kova mouse, featuring a "sleek design built for pure power and speed"





FOUR units of their Kiro mouse, featuring a "highly modular, superdextrous build"



You can check them out on Newegg at:


Kova White - http://bit.ly/1RPQgFG
But how do you win one for free?
As usual, entry is super simple:
1. Comment below telling us which mouse you want to win and why you want it.
2. Follow ROCCAT on Twitter at https://twitter.com/roccat
3. Continue watching the awesome content we produce :) (we can't actually track that, but hey, even if you don't like the videos we'll probably have more giveaways at some point... ;) ).
This is a worldwide giveaway with no age restrictions.

Entries will close in one week, on 1/28/2016.

Best of luck to all who enter!



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I would love Hard White or as it is in Finnish, Kova Valkoinen.


I think Roccat makes the best mouse and that Kova looks nice in white. I have a Tyon but I would love to have another Roccat for my laptop.

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I would like the Kova.

I5 3570k, Direct CUII 660ti, intel 330 180gb ssd, Asus maximus V formula.

"Woody" fully wooden computer case http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/26658-fully-wooden-computer-case-woody/

"Resurrection" a custom desk with and open design http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/74736-custom-desk-with-and-open-design-resurrection/

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I'd like to win the Kova White, because it would match my S340 in color, and because my M90 is starting to give up on me. Good luck everyone! And thanks for the giveaway LTT!



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I want the kova! it's an optical mouse, cool shape, and has tons of buttons. I know the kiro is a modular mouse but i don't really think I want to go through all the different parts I can assemble with. anyways thanks for the give away and congrats to whoever wins it.

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