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Best Budget Case - Aerocool 800 midi Tower $50?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I know this case has probably been out for ages and I'm just confirming what everyone else has said, but still... For my second PC build (I built a friends PC for him) I had the pleasure of building in what I think could be one of the 'best for price' cases out there. Firstly, it has an extremely nice glossy blue finish on the outside, with a plastic coat. The metal of the side panels doesn't 'pop' in and out of shape (like my Antec GX200). It also comes with, what looks like a glass side panel, but is plastic, no one can tell without touching it. Yes, the side panel is a bit dark, but some LEDs should soon fix that problem. Inside, you get about 1cm of cable management (the side panel slides on without a hitch) and no drive bays restricting you to a small graphics card. Instead you get a metal cover, behind which lies the PSU, drive bays and SSD bay. This is the only case I have seen under $50 that has this feature. It has support for 5 120mm fans, which is more that anyone could ever want and includes 2 2.5inch bays for all your disc drive needs. It is, however, on the bigger side of midi towers so make sure you have enough space for it.


Overall, if you are looking for a really solid blue midi tower this is the one to go for. The build quality is great and it's a joy to build in.



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