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I use 2 intel 128gb ssd because of the fast boot time and fast load time in games, I play BF3 and can get into game faster then most witch gives me an advantage on getting a veh, and I have them set up in raid 0

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1TB Caviar blue(Windows 7) + old 100gb(Windows 8.1 juz 4 de lol) HDD from my old pc. Need more storage for my Anime collection and recorded gameplay . Not necessary need SSD since i didnt turn off my pc that often. Need space rather than performance :S

  • FX 6300 Hexacore 3.5 GHZ

HD7770 Vapor X OC

Gskill RipjawsX 2x4 GB 1600mhz

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I currently have a 120GB Sandisk Ultra SSD as my boot drive, which I use due to the reduced boot time also if I need to do a clean install of windows, 500gb Hitachi for my games and documents I run this as it has a slight performance increase to load games and programs, compared to my original 1TB WD green drive which I use for my movies,tv shows and download storage as I prefer a bigger drive so I don t have to worry about running out of space any time soon.  

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1. I have a simple old computer in my processor i have only 1 core and i think it's running at 2,2Ghz. I have only one 500G SAMSUNG HDD. I have it becouse it was in this time good and cheap. It has broke and now i'm looking for new awesome modern HDD. I will be updating my computer soon ;)

2. Facebook share from Tomasz Lejkowski, TomislaV https://www.facebook.com/chce.na.impreze/posts/573255209404126

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I have a WD Black 2tb as a boot drive plus it holds all my games and stuff and 2 WD Green 500gb drives which is what I originally bought when I built my system and attempted to run them in raid which didnt work to well lol. now I just have them as storage. one is filled with movies and the other has copies of all my game files and some of my program files so I dont have to redownload them if I have to reformat. I don't have the money to buy a SSD for my boot drive like I've wanted to for a while. I could really use this 4tb hdd for storage as the 3tb of total storage I have now is almost full.

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1. I run a 1TB seagate barracuda...only a 1TB seagate barracuda  :(  and why? because I'm poor and it was the cheapest 1TB drive I found at the time, so I'll love to win those WD Red :D


2. Facebook share from Miguel Carmona: https://www.facebook.com/MikeTrifixion/posts/10151677470521687

3. Twitter share with Twitter handle @MikeTrifixion: https://twitter.com/MikeTrifixion/status/377809125846949888

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OKAY... PEOPLE ARE NOT READING THIS CAREFULLY. IF YOU DON'T POST ABOUT WHY YOU RUN THE STORAGE CONFIGURATION YOU HAVE (ex: it was cheap, I didn't trust SSD, my friend recommended it, etc) YOU WILL NOT WIN. See full rules below.




Western Digital is taking a "go big or go home" approach to at least two things right now. One is the all new 4TB 3.5" Red NAS-optimized hard drive, and the other is this giveaway. Western Digital provided us with an incredibly generous EIGHT 4TB Red drives to give away. Because these drives are RAID-optimized, we thought it would make sense to group up the prizes so that you guys can run them the way they're meant to be run!




Again... HUGE thanks to Western Digital for making this giveaway possible. They've been so supportive of Linus Tech Tips. They sponsored our trip to Computex, sponsored our trip to PAX, and they're giving awesome stuff away to our community :D







1. Check out this excellent review of the WD Red 4TB over at Storage Review. These guys are awesome and know far more about testing drives than we ever will!




2. Check out the WD Red lineup even if you're not planning to enter the contest: http://amzn.to/15wPO8o


3. Check out this video outlining the advantages of WD's Red lineup of drives: 





I decided to split things up into one GRAND PRIZE and two runner up prizes. The big winner (who will be drawn first) gets FOUR 4TB WD Red 3.5" hard drives. That's right. FOUR. That's enough to store 12TB of data in RAID 5, or 8TB of data in RAID 1. Each runner up will receive TWO 4TB WD Red 3.5" hard drives. That's enough for 4TB of RAID1 safe storage! This is a Linus Tech Tips giveaway (WD is providing the drives to us to decide what we want to do with them) so it's WORLDWIDE!




This giveaway is only available for Linus Tech Tips forum members, and as usual you can either get ONE entry to win, or you can get more!!


1x entry - Post about your storage setup in this thread. The most important thing is WHY you run the hardware you run. There are NO bonus points for talking about WD, and there are no wrong answers. It's okay to say what brands you're using, and it's okay to have a reason that's as simple as "my friend recommended it at the time"


1x bonus entry - Include a link in your post of you sharing the giveaway on your personal Facebook

1x bonus entry - Include a link in your post of you sharing the giveaway on your personal Twitter

1x bonus entry - Include a link in your post of you sharing a link to this giveaway announcement thread in some other community (forums, social networks, super-active community websites other than linustechtips.com like Digg... etc). We aren't trying to spam so make sure you are sharing with people who you genuinely think will care about it!

You can get a maximum of 4 entries by including links in your post to the three eligible sharing places. Here is an example of what an optimal maximum entry (4) post would look like:


1. I don't have a desktop, but I run an OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SSD for my boot drive because it was a great price, and offers great speed with a 5 year warranty. I don't keep any storage drives in my system because I use spotify for all of my music and I don't watch many movies, but I do have a 1TB external USB3 drive that has 1-touch back up, so I plug that in once in a while so that if my laptop gets lost I will still have my data. 


2. Facebook share from (Name Goes Here): (insert verifiable link here)


3. Twitter share with Twitter handle @Example: (insert verifiable link here)


4. Community Site share with nickname (nickname goes here): (insert verifiable link here)



The contest closes September 30th, 2013 and the winner will be contacted after we've had a chance to tabulate the entries. Good luck everyone! Thanks for participating, and a big thanks again to our sponsor, WD!


Well, i have a wd blue 250 gb and its just not enough for a guy who loves movies and tv shows. for example, i had to delete zero dark thirty wich was 2 gigs to download the first half of breaking bad season 5. i want to be able to have all of them and not worry of my hdd filling up!.

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In my computer I have 6 old 3.5" SATA drives, varying in sizes from 160GB to 500GB. These are just ones I've bought over the years when they've been on sale. I just haven't had the money to upgrade to a better solution.


Imagine swapping all of these old ones for ONE brand spanking new 4TB drive and have way more storage than I currently do.  ;)

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I have a Seagate Barracuda 1tb as my everything drive (os, files, programs) but i also have a WD 500gb external hard drive with my games on it so i can go back and forth between my desktop and laptop. So far so good, i dont see a reason to get a ssd as i am fine with what i have. :D

CPU: i5 Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Extreme4 RAM: G Skill Sniper 8GB 2133 Graphics Card: 2x Gigabyte GTX 770's

Case: NZXT Switch 810 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB PSU: PC Power and Cooling 950W OS: Windows 7

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Hi my hardrive config is a mess i have first a 120gb intel ssd for boot system and some steam game, then 2 hold hitachi 250 gb in red 1 for my music, a seagate ( cheaper) 1  Tb for download (torrents mostly) and part of my storage, a WD blue 2 TB for mass storage video and finally the last one is a samsung 840 120Gb for steam only ( i have more than 100 game on steam and i can't put all them in here ^^ ) . i have bought the twoo last one  6 month after mi rig build because i was needing more space . 

sorry for my bad grammar  ;)

what doesn't kill me, level me up !

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Hello! The storage configuration I run right now is a Samsung 128 gig 840 pro series for booting up and the OS. While I have a Seagate barracuda 1 TB mass storage. I run this setup because I wanted the SSD so boot up times would not be a hassle, yet my terabyte is already with only 50 gig free and it's the slowest part in my pc :(

I would love to win this haha! 




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Right now my Specs are as bad as a street begger but i dream that someday i will have my own best build.....

500 gig Seagate Barracuda hdd(internal) used for windows n to install things....

1tb external Seagate HDD Backup Plus (Which i use to backup things and store movies and setup of games)

8GB Ram


Zotac NVIDIA "GT620"


This is a home user pc that my father bought me then i have upgraded it....wit my own brains.......i seriously need atleast a ssd or a internal WD RED HDD for fast speed....

plz linus i am begging you.... 




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I have a cheapish 120gb ssd to run my OS and programs off of. I use to have an external hard drive running EVERYTHING else but this was not fast enough to suit my needs. I now have a WD Cavier Black 1tb that i use for storing most of my gaming files on and now only use my external for movies/music etc. I use this setup because the SSD means FAST boot times and the WD Black for its trustworthyness to store most of my data. I chose WD just beacause the brand has been there all the way from the start for me!!! :D


My like my setup due to the performance...but it is a scary thought to know that none of my data is backed up safely :ph34r:

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I am using a 160 GB Hard Disk Drive on my laptop I don't know what brand this is but its in a Sony Vaio and an 80 GB 7200 rpm Seagate Barracuda on my Desktop, well it plays its role, and it was the only available thing when we bought the laptop and assembled the desktop. And I am now planning to build my gaming rig for future games and I'm going to need a better hard disk drive and more space for my entertainment and backup.

Facebook- Ralph Cadiz: https://www.facebook.com/Epicsauce1137/posts/451853574930704?notif_t=like

Twitter- @epicsauce1137: https://twitter.com/Epicsauce1137/status/377808396440698881

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Crucial M4 128GB SSD as my boot drive. Win 7, Guild Wars 2 for faster load times when going map to map since the maps are huge, AutoCAD 2013 for school work. (Yeah that is right, faster load time so I can do my assignments)

WD 1TB Green HDD for storage. Music, documents, and video storage.

WD 750GB Black HDD for the rest of my game library, Fraps for recording and editing then render to the Green drive.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tony.tieu.965/posts/10153203910020181 (Tony Tieu)

Twitter https://twitter.com/TonyHTieu/status/377808608257257473 (@TonyHTieu)

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I've got a Seagate 1,5 TB HDD. I took it because at the time I thought I wouldn't need more storage for all my games, movies, programs and 3d stuff. I added a 1tb samsung M3 portable for back-up and movies. I took it instead of a normal drive because I like the portablility and I can  easily hook it up to my media pc. I'm also thinking about hooking it up to my router for a NAS like system. The thing holding me back is the lower speeds.

Im also thinking about buying a SSD for a bit faster booting and starting of programs. but they still are a bit expensive. I might also buy another HDD because the Seagate 1,5 TB is getting full and I don't want to add more files to my M3 as that one is also getting full. A WD red would help me a lot! :)


Thanks Linus and Western Digital for al these great giveaways!

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

Main rig:

i7-4790 - 24GB RAM - GTX 970 - Samsung 840 240GB Evo - 2x 2TB Seagate. - 4 monitors - G710+ - G600 - Zalman Z9U3

Other devices

Oneplus One 64GB Sandstone

Surface Pro 3 - i7 - 256Gb

Surface RT


SuperMicro something - Xeon e3 1220 V2 - 12GB RAM - 16TB of Seagates 

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Well, i have a wd blue 250 gb and its just not enough for a guy who loves movies and tv shows. for example i had to delete zero dark thirty wich was 2 gigs to download the first half of breaking bad season 5. i just want to be able to have all of them without having to worry of my hdd filling up!.

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im using 2 WD black drives, one for backup and one for everything else. i use them because 1 TB seems to be enough right now for all my storage but i would like to upgrade to an SSD boot drive because is is VERY slow at booting up

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I have one samsung 840 pro ssd 512gb for my boot and applications. i have 2 3tb seagate barracudas in raid 0 where i store movies, music, games, etc. all of this gets backupped to my netgear 104 nas with 2 3tb wd reds every night. i also have a wd 2tb green in my media pc where i store more movies and music. i have all this because its fast boot, great cheap storage, and safe data.


facebook Jeffen Nilsson: https://www.facebook.com/jeffen.nilsson/posts/10200628629024495


twitter @Jeffreeey: https://twitter.com/Jeffreeey/status/377808002142593024


Google+ jeff nilsson:https://plus.google.com/103288321033380507776/posts/JrGnobhfVez

~~ Intel Core i7 4770K | 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum | Gigabyte G1.Sniper 5 | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 | Corsair AX860i ~~

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I have one WD Blue 500GB as my OS drive and main programs, I also have an old Seagate 500gb drave as extra storage as i was moving things around so much on my WD blue to keep some space free but one night i hit 0GB left so i had to go out and buy one from someone in my area. The reason i have the WD blue is because i wanted "energy saving" whilst keeping the drive at 7200RPM and it was an affordable price for my first PC build ever.


Twitter ( @FuzeDzn ): https://twitter.com/FuzeDzn/status/377810836078612480


Facebook: ( Matt Fairbrother): https://www.facebook.com/MattFairbrother1/posts/518407864914497

Intel i7 4790K @ 4Ghz / MSI MPower SP Z87 / MSI R9 280X / 8GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1600MHz /  OCZ Vertex 2 60GB (Storage) Seagate 500GB (Storage), WD Blue 500GB (Storage), 120GB Samsung 840 Evo (OS) / Asus Xonar DG / Corsair CX600  / H80i /w 2x Stock Fans / Define R5

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At the moment I'm running a 120gb Sandisk Extreme for an OS, desktop programs and any online games with a 3tb Wd green drive. I'm running the green because of its decent performance, quietness (because silence is bliss :) ) but mainly because of its high capacity at such a low price compared to the other solutions. I'm running it as a storage drive for single player steam games as well as my massive video library. I use the desktop for streaming the movies/anime/shows to other devices in the house so its almost always on but since I'm so far away from my modem/router, the desktop is using a wireless card instead of an ethernet port, its not that optimal for streaming and file transfers, if I had the cash I would run a NAS for the stuff I described :)


Facebook- Philip Nguyen :https://www.facebook.com/philip.nguyen.37/posts/10202223469695043

Cpu- Intel i5 3570k, Motherboard- Asrock Extreme 4 Z77, RAM- Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866mhz 16gb memory, GPU- Msi Twin Frozr II 7950, 

Case- Fractal Design Define R4 white windowed, Storage- 120gb Sandisk Extreme, Western Digital 3tb Green drive, PSU- Antec 650w 80plus platinum, 

Display(s)- 2 x Acer H236HLbid, CoolingXigmatek Dark knight Frostbourne edition, 2x Corsair Af 140mm Quiet edition, 2 x Corsair SP 120mm Quiet edition,

Keyboard- Ducky Shine 3 Mx Brown White Leds, Mouse- Corsair Vengeance M65, Sound- Swan M20 2.1 speakers, Audiotechnica ATH-M50S Headphones,

Vsonic Gr06 IEMs, Philips Citiscape Over-ear Headphones, Xiaomi Piston III IEMS, Philips Fidelio S2 IEMS


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My storage is fairly simple, I have a 128GB SSD for my OS, and a 2TB Green drive for storage (Mostly music and games). I would have liked a faster drive but don't have the money for one. I plan on setting up a NAS if I can get the money together.

Rig: CPU: 1x quad core potato(4.6GHz). Cooling: Iced Tea. GPU: AMD HDToaster. Motherboard: Asus "Stale Bread Extreme Edition". RAM: 2x 4GB sticks of 1600MHz celery. PSU: 650w Roborovski Hamster in wheel.  Storage: Many Floppy Disks. 

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I am using an OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD as a boot drive and storage for my main programs because is pretty fast! And for my main storage i use  700GB, 465GB and a 250GB hard drives (got them from older pc's) with no configuration because of the different and weird capacities, for music and games.

Google+ User theo sioulas:   https://plus.google.com/111705748924111774363/posts/BohYLxutTwq
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theodoro898/status/377810743791333376   @theodoro898

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