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GTX 960 + Intel 4600 - Stutter on iGPU connected monitor.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

1. Playing a game + watching a twitch stream/youtube video on second causes the second screen to lag/stutter.

2. Recording with OBS using Intel Quick Sync gives "Exceeding use of CPU".

3. Recording with OBS using Intel Quick Sync causes stutter on main screen + recording skips quite alot of frames (Inconsitent 50-55 FPS)

4. I used to be able to have game open, recording with OBS, preview open on second monitor + open browser with preview of live stream. Now it's impossible because of huge lag on second screen.


Old stream(GTX 980):

 -15000 bits/s (bitrate), 1080p60fps


New stream(GTX 960):
 -15000 bits/s (bitrate), 1080p60fps


Old recording(GTX 980):

 -20000 bits/s (bitrate), 1080p60fps




GTX 960

24GB RAM (2x8 + 2x4)
550W "XFX" PSU

SSD for software, HDD for recordings
Dedicated SoundCard


Above issues didn't happen on GTX 980 (Sold because it was way too much for my needs)

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Well it is a huge downgrade, a 960 is not really fitted for 1080p60fps recording. the 980 was perfect for that.

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Sounds like the 980 wasn't way too much for your needs after all...


Have you tried connecting the second monitor to the 960 instead?

Sounds crazy, but I wasn't very thrilled with how my Intel GPU was performing when I had the second monitor plugged into it.

I now have both my monitors plugged into my 960 via DP to HDMI cables, and things are much more stable.


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of course this will happen. 980 is double the power of a 960 and then some

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