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sed -e 's HELP

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm attempting to set up hadoop on a few Ubuntu 14.04 computers and, to spare the set up process, the next step is to run

sudo sed -e 's/(.*)/bin/java/1/g'

I've tried a few variations and my returns are either

unrecognized 's' command


unterminated 's' command

obviously I can't just remove the 's'


                   _/ V\
                  / /  /
                <<    |
                ,/    ]
              ,/      ]
            ,/        |
           /    \  \ /
          /      | | |
    ______|   __/_/| |


[i7-7700k@5Ghz | MSI Z270 M7 | 16GB 3000 GEIL EVOX | STRIX ROG 1060 OC 6G | EVGA G2 650W | ROSEWILL B2 SPIRIT | SANDISK 256GB M2 | 4x 1TB Seagate Barracudas RAID 10 ]

[i3-4360 | mini-itx potato | 4gb DDR3-1600 | 8tb wd red | 250gb seagate| Debian 9 ]

[Dell Inspiron 15 5567] 



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I'm assuming you mean "/bin/java" 


You have to remember, the slash means something in the sed expression. You likely need to do something special to use it. 


(I'm being ambiguous so you can figure it out your own).

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