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Dell unveils 30" 4K OLED monitor at CES.

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At CES this year, Dell has unveiled a new monitor. So far it's only called "Ultrasharp 30", as far as I can tell. 

It's a 30" OLED panel, giving amazing contrast ratios! It's a 4K res, normal 4K, not the cinema 4K. 

There is nothing about what refresh rate it's running, and very few other specs have been revealed, but just it being OLED is enough to make me VERY excited. 




But then... there's the price. Sony supposedly has a monitor of the same sort, but it's going for $18000. 

This goes for $5000. Too expensive for me as of now, but we're finally seeing OLED coming to the.. sort of mainstream. 


It is set to be released by March 31st, this year. 


Windows Central have a good video on it, where they discuss specs that my original article had missed. 400,000:1 contrast ratio. 0.1 ms response time (WOW). 

100% Adobe RGB coverage. Dell have supposedly implemented a workaround for the common OLED pixel burn-in. This has happened on my phone, and it's quite annoying when viewing completely dark things. This workaround is called Pixel Shift, and supposedly moves pixels around? Sounds strange. We will see how this all pans out. 




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until burn in is completely fixed, i wont be buying an oled monitor/tv

maybe some other technology will come out that works similarly but without that major issue

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