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Any Recommend water cooling for gtx 980 ti?

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i'm playing games in 4k and high quality, so often my gpu's average tem. is  at 70 degree, and i just want to know want are some great water cooloing tool  for gtx 980 ti out there.

i know Accelero Hybrid after google-ing but i want to other suggestions 

also can cpu cooling use on gpu?


P.S first time water cooling

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70*C is fine, you don't  need to watercool

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70°C is absolutely fine with your GPU. You would either need an AiO (all in one) liquid cooler like a Kraken or a completel custom loop with a waterblock:

Waterblock would look like this but needs a compelte loop : https://www.ekwb.com/uploads/images/FC-Titan-X_CP_fit2_1200.jpg

Aio looks like this: http://cdn.videocardz.com/1/2013/11/NZXT-Kraken-K10-13.jpg

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EVGA Hybrid. Got one and my temps never go over 50C. Granted I'm not overclocking or running 4K, but still great numbers and great performance. Or you could get the Poseidon model by ASUS, it's got a block built right into it but it's hella expensive. 

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