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Marshmallow on HTC One m7?

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The rom I'm currently running is 5.0.2, and while there are versions of cynagenomd 13 that will run on my phone, I prefer the sense UI, over stock android, so I have been looking for a rom that has both android 6.0 (mainly for the battery life updates), and the sense UI.


I have not had any luck so far, as all of the sense roms I know of for my phone are still on android 5.0.2, and since HTC stopped development on the m7, there is no luck there either.


Do any of you know of sense based roms that are on the latest version of android? considering a lollipop version of sense came out pretty quick for the m7, but the same can't be said for android 6.0

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There is only unofficial marshmallow and I don't think there is 6.0 Sense UI Rom at all? Is there? 

Normally someone ports the existing ROM, so if none of HTC phones have 6.0 no one is going to bother making a port.



Yes, 6.0 for M9 came out just a week ago. Give people time.

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