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1. Will there be ever more than 1 LTT video per day, on LTT not including one of the other ones?

2. When will you be expanding again, hiring?

3. Will there be a dedicated skit channel?

4. Can there be another meet up?

5. Can there be another show like the WAN show but some other time but about a different topic?

6. With LCT ever come back?

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Berkel: Do you ever edit Linus Tech Tips videos?  Or just Channel Super Fun?

// Floatplane Pilot //

Main Rig:  Motherboard: ASUS H270 - PLUS - CSM | RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) | Case: Corsair Carbide Series SPEC - 02 | SSD: ADATA SU800 128GB HDD: WD 1TB Hard Drive | PSU: Corsair CX 550M | CPU: Intel Core i7-7700 Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO | GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 | Keyboard: Logitech G710+ Mechanical | Mouse: Razer Naga 2014 | Sound: Corsair VOID RGB / USB Headset | OS: Windows 10

Laptop:   Razer Blade Stealth 2016

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Have a question you've wanted to ask a specific member?

need some insight on a random problem?

Why turnip on the wan show?


Video coming soon maybe?

To luke,

when is the forum software to be updated, please fix the notification issue on tapatalk please.


To luke & linus

1.What is turnip

2. Will there be another giveaway (such as iphone 6s giveaway(hardware /device giveaway not license giveaway)

3. Windows 10 stability

4. Your opinion on the Nokia 950xl as your daily driver phone ( with the continum dock)

5. What's bad pool header (bsod)

6. What is memory management (bsod)

7. Make a ChannelSuperFun video, trolling the video editor staff of LMG by remotely blue screen their pc(any creativity you want as long its blue screen the LMG video editor pc in the editing den)

8. oem pc (dell, Acer,etc)vs custom built pc. (Which one do you prefer)

9. Make a LTT custom built pc edition ( giveaway)

10. Do you like McAfee trial bundle together with your pc

11. Linus treatment on the surface pro 4 &3( Torture test)

12. Windows 10 vs 7 which on do you like/prefer(if windows 10 please encourage most of your viewer to upgrade to window 10)

12. Linus treatment on the Nokia 950xl.( Torture test)

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Do Linus still work for NCIX? because I'm pretty sure I remember him saying no to that multiple times, but he keeps appearing in their videos.

No, he doesn't work directly for NCIX. They do, however, have a contract with him to do appearances for them. 

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well, love your content first of all. 


what happened to justin? he wasn't referred to in the last wan show, completely ignored. is he fired?


and talking about firing, what about colton now that he has flagged one of your own videos again? 


plus, what car do you have, @Slick ? and what happened to linuses car, the paint is off? 

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What is the biggest mistake you have ever made on or off camera?

How often to companies turn you down on sponsors?

What is your weakness in tech knowledge? IE networking

How many monitors have you refused to use due to dead pixels?

Su doo or su doe




What was the first 3D printer you have ever used?

What is your favorite CAD software? Autodesk inventor FTW




How is that mattress?

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What do you think about what happened to Jay involving Mayhems?

Is Linus still driving the Pink Civic?





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For any or all of the LMG team members, what's your favorite food?

"It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out." - Carl Sagan.

"If you place a piece of bread somewhere on Earth, and another one on that point's antipodes, well you made yourself an Earth-sandwich." - Michael from Vsauce.

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Where did Linus get his start? When did he start learning about computers? I know this about the crew, but I want to know. I started last year when I wanted to build my own computer and Linus was the very first tech person I watched on YouTube. A year later and I've been studying everyday about computers and latley networks. I've built two computers, my router with pf sense, and piecing together a nas with freenas, all on my home network. I love technology and I wanted to know about how the person who I look up to got his start in this field.

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Hey Linus,


I was wondering what all the members of linus media group did before they joined. Also can you do some basic gaming on a i3-6100?

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Why do the manufacturers not lift the selling restrictions on review products? All they do is sit there collecting dust. They are all like $150 boards, $700 GPUs, etc.

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Also can you do some basic gaming on a i3-6100?

No point in asking them this. You should create a thread about it instead.

"It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out." - Carl Sagan.

"If you place a piece of bread somewhere on Earth, and another one on that point's antipodes, well you made yourself an Earth-sandwich." - Michael from Vsauce.

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Considering that everyone seems to envy you all's jobs, what is the most stressful part of your job? This is for anyone who wants to answer.

Wishing leads to ambition and ambition leads to motivation and motivation leads to me building an illegal rocket ship in my backyard.


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To Linus: Where the crap did you get those LGA771 coolers and still have the low price that you did on the dual xeon build? All the ones I find are like 20 dollars.

I5-4690k ~ Sapphire+MSI r9 290 CF ~ 16 gigs HyperX Fury

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To Luke:

    Why are you so skill?


To Denis:

    Why are you so Taiwanese?


To Berkel:

    Like a boss. Nothing left to say.


To Linus:

    Why aren't blueberry's blue?


To Taran:

    What happens if you are 'scared half to death' twice?


To Edzel:

    Which is your favorite LTT employee besides yourself?


To Brandon:

    Why cant you do more videos, your'e amazing!


To Colton:

     'Hello, is it you?

     I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
    To go over everything
    They say that time's supposed to heal ya
    But I ain't done much healing?'


To Jon:

    What is your favorite film?




Thanks for all and I hope these questions get used.


DISCLAIMER: the above is the author's personal opinion and is not the opinion or policy of his family or of the little green men that have been following him all day. 
WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for some of the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.

My Rig:

 -  Intel 4790K (overclocked 4.4Ghz)

 -  Dual Gtx 970 FTW

 -  Asus Z97-DELUXE/USB 3.1

 -  16GB Corsair Vengeance

 -  Intel 530 Series 480GB SSD

 -  Corsair AX1200i (why? I have no clue... )

 -  Hyper 212 Evo


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I thought i had one question but i dont lol:

  1. How much planning goes into build logs?
  2. Towards Linus and Luke: Dont you guys test the Mobo-CPU-RAM outside the case as a check prior to installation into a case?
  3. After doing 3 iterations, how do you feel about scrapyard wars?
  4. What do you guys think of Caselabs cases? Would you ever think of doing a build log with one of their cases or would that violate an agreement with one of the existing sponsors? (Fractal, Cooler Master, etc)
  5. Are you guys going to do a build with the Fractal Node 202?
  6. What are your opinions on single board computers (SBCs - Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone)? Does LMG plan on making videos with SBCs?
  7. Would you guys ever plan on doing a identical component build? (That is where you give Linus and Luke an identical set of components and see what each of them make of it)
  8. NICK L: As the BizDev dude, what do you feel like are the challenges with your position in the industry? Do you see more or less opportunities in your time with LMG.
  9. NICK L: Do you ever get negative feedback from sponsors or other business relations from Linus' antics?
  10. Looking at your estimated Social Blade earnings and guestimating overhead and such, how do you guys make a profit? Understanding that you guys are a private company and dont have to disclose anything, is it hard running the business or is the growth inherent and you are just managing it?
  11. Did you guys ever have an epic "Take the shot" moment? (That's where you have a super limited time frame to do something and if you didnt do whatever, you would miss something awesome)
  12. As you guys expand and grow, do you guys ever see the need to add engineering capabilities to your group?

Hi! If you ever need some structural, mechanical or electrical design/build help on your new rig, send me a PM and ill try and help you out!

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For Edzel, why did Linus used to call you Diesel? I never understood that nickname. Luke was/is Slick because of his mineral oil build and his devilishly good looks. But Diesel just doesn't make sense to me besides the fact it's like a kinda not really rearranged version of Edzel, at least in a phonetic sense.

Current System: R7 1700x 3.93Ghz, PowerColor R9 380x 1.14ghz, 16gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 3200mhz, EVGA 650 GS

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