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Should I get a G502 or a Mionix Castor?

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First off, price is no object as long as the price is under $100. I play mostly casual games, some mobas,  and could use the buttons of the G502 for productivity/gaming macros. But sometimes I get into some competitive CS:GO or something like Black Ops III. Both mice seem like amazing options, but given the games that I play, is there another mouse that would be better for me?

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Well, the Castor is significantly lighter than the G502.  It's around 90 grams and the G502 is around 121 grams without any of the weights added, so it's more.. I believe Edzel has described it as unwieldy.  Shape wise they're both great.  I'd say take a look at the G402 as well.  For me personally - I'm taking a look at the G303 for the fast and lightweight button clicks, and the fact it's pretty much excellent for claw-grip which is what I use.

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Hi, I currently have the g502 but have ordered the castor because the g502 is too heavy and for me it is uncomfortable. My pinky and ring finger feel so out of place on such a narrow mouse with the right side of the mouse(where the 2 finger go) being sort of curved in which makes it so I cannot get my ring and pinky finger in a comfortable position, and they kinda drag on the mousepad. I think I have a palm grip with my ring and pinky fingers clawed. If you like heavy mice you will like the g502, as even without the extra weights in it's still pretty heavy. Other than those issues, the rest of the mouse is fine no problems and have had it for over 6 months. Hope that helped a bit.

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Any mouse with perfect tracking would be good. If there's a certain shape / size you enjoy, Zowie might have something that fits you. Zowie mice use heavy switches, so if you like soft switches (like Razers and stuff), you probably don't want those. Most mice use Omron switches, which are the lighter kind. 


I'm personally looking at the Mionix Avior 7000 because I like ambidextrous shapes and functional buttons on both sides. Too used to my Sensei Pro, where I have page up and page down (or whatever I want) on the right side, and back and forwards on the left side). 


Lots of people like the FinalMouse too. Really light, Omron switches, perfect tracking (seriously who wouldn't want perfect tracking), no drivers required which means fast and easy setup. 

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