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Steam Trade'n Trading Cards Thread

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Yes i know blah blah trading still isn't officially allowed in this forum, but if we can't even trade with trading cards like alot of us did in frikin kindergarten then there is no hope. 


Off the top off my head rules: ONLY trading cards. No games, coupons, or in game items. For now, ONLY 1-1 (as in 1 card for another card) to prevent loan sharking. Please look at you're cards value before trading by checking steam community market. 

Some cards such as foils are worth considerably more. If your card is worth a couple more cents then the one you're trading for, then it is up to you if you deem it fair enough. Only trade through steam. If someone says they will send you the cards later because they don't have them now,

they are trying to rip you off. Exchange the cards at the same time through steam trading. 


So post what cards you have to trade and what cards you wan't in return. You should also post you're steam profile link or in you don't want that public ask for a PM to get the link. 

If the trade goes successfully leave some kind of rep referring to LTT and trading cards on their steam profile since slick is to busy counting linus's youtube dollars to implement some kind of trading rep system. 




TF2: Demoman x2, Engineer x3, Medic, Pyro x2.   Gary's mod: Face posing, Invasion, Movie maker.   NuclearDawn: EMP stealth    Killing Floor: Siren


Terria: The Hallow   Organ Trail: The Horde, Final Stand, Survivor   Summer getaway sale: Dead Island. 




Any and all CS GO or skyrim cards   Saints row 2- walking apocalypse, jonny gat, zimos    Civ V- Military, Economic, Foreign, Washington.    L4D2: Hunter, Jockey


Should respond quickly if online. 

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