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MSI 970 Gaming overclocking

the VRMs on the 970 is not as great as the Sabertooth

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I just got a new motherboard, MSI 970 Gaming, to replace my now dead ASUS Sabertooth 990FX. I couldn't RMA it due to.. reasons. 


And I figured I'd overclock my FX8320 again. When I used the Sabertooth board, I had it running at 4.4 Ghz, 1.284 volts. Verified. But with this 970 board, I can't even do 4.4 ghz at 1.336 volts... Prime95 fails after just 30 seconds even then. I don't wanna go higher either, as I already hit high 50 temps before P95 fails. 


All the threads I've seen on it says "it's a great overclocker". Have I just gotten a dud? My 8320 should be fine, considering my previous results, and I'm not having any issues with stock clocks.

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my FX8320

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Posted · Best Answer

the VRMs on the 970 is not as great as the Sabertooth

Budget? Uses? Currency? Location? Operating System? Peripherals? Monitor? Use PCPartPicker wherever possible. 

Quote whom you're replying to, and set option to follow your topics. Or Else we can't see your reply.


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İ overclicked 8320 on msi 970 gaming and both us burned. Now i got 6600K and Asus Z170A :D so did it and burn.

İ5 6600k/ ASUS Z170A / GPU - / 16 GB Corsair lpx 2400 / 240 gb Hyper x Savage / Deep Cool CAPTAIN 360 / Xigmatec Vector 750W 80+ Silver / Zalman Z11 Neo / Corsair Sleeved Cable set / NZXT HUE +

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