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Connecting card reader to a usb hub

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Posted · Original PosterOP

What are the downsides of daisy chaining Usb hubs?

The plan is I will connect a card reader


to a USB hub


Both have no separate external power source. My usb hub has longer cable and can reach my tabletop, while the card reader has short cable so i will connect it to the hub to easily access it.

Are there any downside to this? or its totally fine?

ma spoder senz iz tingling...

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I had a lot of problems with my USB hub.  I use the same Card Reader.  My USB hub has a 9v DC adapter.  It was doing things like making my laptop shutoff from the lack of power actually used by the laptop.  if you have a pc a good idea is to get a USB Header to USB connector cable and run it out trough a hole or something



Takes Way to much power.  Get a powered USB hub

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I'm 90% sure this won't even work. Correct me if I'm wrong, but daisychaining USB hubs isn't a thing. And, if I am wrong, it's an awful idea anyway. Use the hub for most things and just connect the card reader directly to the tower, front pannel if accessibility is a concern.

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