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Aug 23rd The WAN Show Live Stream

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Posted · Original PosterOP

< News Items >

HWBot bans Windows 8 benchmarks due to RTC issue


submitted by Justin

This problem is limited to software programs that adjust the base clock rate (BCLK) on-the-fly, without a reboot.

Just OC in your bios anyways!

If you boost your multiplier to compensate for the lower BCLK, this means that your computer draws 6% more frames or completes 6% more floating point calculations, resulting in a 6% higher benchmark score. If you underclocked your BCLK by 20%, you would see a 20% gain in the benchmarks

Space glasses - watch, video - Lockergnome


- Company name is META
- Currently hiring for some really cool positions

- Technology looks leaps and bounds better than some other stuff out there

- This vs Google Glass????

- Their Logo - WAN show -

Google Glass rival comes out of nowhere - Lockergnome


Peter Hoddie, vice president of Marvell Semiconductor's Kinoma software platform and a video compression developer, has joined the startup's advisory board

has raised $5 million in a first round of funding

Competition for Google Glass was inevitable, I just expected a bigger player

Apple stocks explode in anticipation of new products - Lockergnome


We will see if they can hold it after said launches!

I don’t trade stocks but it is often fun to monitor how a company's stocks do before and after a launch

LG develops 2560x1440 5.5” smartphone screen - Lockergnome

-538PPI (468 - HTC One, 441 - S4)
- 1.21mm thick (12% less than 5.2” 1080p from 2M ago)

- No word on when phones are coming

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Expansion


- New endgame content, higher level cap, new monsters, new act, new city (Westmarch), new Crusader class,

- New loot system - fewer drops, more tailored, new artisan “mystic” - re-roll fixed stats

- No release date announced

EA Offers Full Refund Guarantee


- Called the “Great Game Guarantee”

- EA is winning us over pretty quick wit policies like this

- 24 hours after first launch or 7 days after purchase

- EA titles only

- Starting to move towards digital retailers (with their already lower overhead ANYWAY) being competitive with big box and physical online… Great news!

Ben Afflect is “Batman”


- Zak Snyder will be the filmmaker behind it - Man of Steel 650M box office

- July 17, 2015 release date for new Batman/Superman movie

- Superman doesn’t need Batman’s help

- As long as he doesn’t talk in that throaty Christian Bale voice…


< Community News Items >

Steve Ballmer Retiring


- Next 12 months

- Letter here

- Reflects on 1000x company growth 7.5M to ~78B durng his time with company

- Senior management still committed to “devices and services”

- Good to Great talks about “rockstar CEOs” - The true mark of his leadership will be what happens when he leaves imo

PS4 to be faster than Xbox one due to hUMA


Both CPU and GPU can work with the same data without requiring programs to copy data back and forth between the two for maintaining coherency.

Older consoles, and presumably the Xbox One, may physically use the same memory chips, but CPU and GPU data is stored in distinct parts

this will not effect cross-platform games released in the earlier years of both consoles. We will only see the fruits of such hardware design decisions in the later half, that too on exclusive games.

It is not known at this time how many developers have committed to utilizing hUMA in their code.

Oculus looking to solve simulator sickness


motion sickness there's all this motion but you don't visually perceive the walls and ceilings are moving - This is what creates the conflict that makes you dizzy.

With simulator sickness it's basically the inverse

ICANN bans dotless domains, google is sad


"http://insert name here"    <- this won’t exist

Google wanted : "http://search"

Wacom to release new cintiq tablet - full android/windows8  OS


Regular Wacom tablet when connected to a PC/MAC - professional use

On the go android tablet when not, still able to use the pen on the go - light creative work

tons of features, tons of levels of elevation based on detachable backing

Android version: $1600 for the 32gb model = http://store.wacom.c...oduct/DTHA1300H  Companion hybrid

Windows version: $2500 for 512gb model = http://store.wacom.c...duct/DTHW1300H? Companion

MASSIVE AMD price drop on FX9590 from $900 to $400



How angry would you be if you bought one...

TES Online will charge $15/mo…. will also have microtransactions


Staying old school - believes any other model would limit their IP’s freedom

Annnnnnnd then includes microtransactions


“The core game is included in the subscription cost “

shop to buy kind of fun stuff and services too like name changes and things like that.

Quote from VG247 - “It’s probably safe to speculate that these will include a large range of largely cosmetic items. Horse armour, anyone?”

NVIDIA to release Maxwell in Q1 2014


Maxwell GPUs will not be made in 20nm fabrication process, but if they are expect huge graphics cards shortage and more paper-launches.

Short term goals? 790? Titan ULTRA?

They need a response to Hawaii!


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Thanks for the document. And is the internet fixed?

Personal Rig

i7 4790K | Asus Z97I-WiFi | CM 280L | Sapphire R9 290X Tri-X | Kingston ValueRAM 2 x 8GB | 128GB Samsung 840 Pro | 2TB Seagate SSHD | Seasonic Platinium 660W | Bitfenix Prodigy

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Hope you guys have better luck with your ISP next week....

<p>Mobo - Asus P9X79 LE ----------- CPU - I7 4930K @ 4.4GHz ------ COOLER - Custom Loop ---------- GPU - R9 290X Crossfire ---------- Ram - 8GB Corsair Vengence Pro @ 1866 --- SSD - Samsung 840 Pro 128GB ------ PSU - Corsair AX 860i ----- Case - Corsair 900D

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I bet you suffer more than us whem the connection goes down... Good luck next week, I hope you get your new internet wired up soon ^^

Planning on trying StarCitizen (Highly recommended)? STAR-NR5P-CJFR is my referal link 

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2560x1440 5.5” smartphone screen. Oh man...

Intel i5 3570k | MSI GTX 670 Power Edition/OC SLI | Asus Sabertooth Z77 | Corsair Vengeance LP 16GB | Fractal Design Newton R2 650W | NZXT Switch 810 SE Gun Metal | BenQ 24" XL2420T 120Hz | Corsair K90  | Logitech G500 / Logtitech Performance MX | Sennheiser PC 360 | Asus Xonar DGX | NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision 2 Wireless Kit

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can you edit the post so that there is no font colour? im using the dark skin script and with the black font makes it hard to read


no build of the week :(


It feels like the interaction with the viewers has gone down a lot. i used to watch it live but now there is no benefit when the archive is the exact same experience.

~~ Intel Core i7 4770K | 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum | Gigabyte G1.Sniper 5 | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 | Corsair AX860i ~~

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on the topic of HWbot and Windows 8, I don't expect Microsoft to care, because it is a non-issue in 99.999% of cases.  It only effects people who overclock via software while Windows is running, and fixes itself upon restart.

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It feels like the interaction with the viewers has gone down a lot. i used to watch it live but now there is no benefit when the archive is the exact same experience.


I agree... I love the guests... Chris was really good last nite. (I had only heard of him thru ApprenticeEh! vlogs) but it's also interesting hearing from viewers since they have some really good questions as well.



Just as a side note - on ICANN banning dotless domains... I had @Home for my isp way back when, and they used some form of them. I remember you could just go to http://mail or http://home to get to mail or the home page... my guess is it had to do with their internal network and only usable for @home users, but I always thought it was pretty neat that they could do that.


I can see the potential problems with them being open to anyone..... but it was pretty handy at the time.





(and shaw does suck)


(aka RacerX780)


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I look forward to watching this at 2 am on August 25th. :Z  

Somehow despite having a window of 2 am til 8 am for downloading stuff I keep hitting close to or over my maximum usage during peak hours for my internet so I am going to have to wait to watch the awesomeness !

PS: Btw when am I getting my PhysX's #1 lover badge ?

Too many ****ing games!  Back log 4 life! :S

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Good job with lights last week. And this week also. Now they are like they should showing you insteads of two shadows and background. I hope you get internet sorted out. This weeks show was also not so boring as few last shows have been.

^^^^ That's my post ^^^^
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vvvv Who's there? vvvv

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Was so excited you had Chris on as a guest, i hope you can get him back in the future.


... and if Chris does come back on please talk more about smart phones, all the android fanboyism in this forum is annoying and i like Chris's views on the different OS's.

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Both suck. Spider Man is the boss.

Computer enthusiast, Network Consultant - 16+ years experience - Associates Degree in Electronics - 1996 - CompTIA A+ certification - 2000 - Bachelor's Degree of Information Technology - 2010

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I just want to see one skull bust open really. But watching the super man movie, I gotta say super man would end up blowing a whole in the earth before he even touches batman. 

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