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Windows 10 (1511) - nVidia: custom resolutions don't work anymore

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hey guys,

i really hope someone can help me with this.


for about 3 years now im running my 1080p monitor at 2560x1440@60

first problems appeared when i upgraded to windows 10, all newer drivers dont let me add my custom resolution, but i could solve this problem by using the 353.30 /353.38, which seems to be the last one that provides working custom resolution settings through the nvidia control panel


almost half a year later i thought, that nvidia would be able to solve this problem, but now that i updated to 1511 (th2) and realized that this piece of shit drivers still dont have working custom resolutions i wanted to revert back to the old 353.38 ones, but nope it reverts them back to 358.87 (already blocked graphics in windows updates)


with cru i can add resolutions, but i cant get the right settings, wether i select any automatic preset or manual, the screens begins to flicker when i select the new resolution


i also tried to integrate a backup of the custom resolutions (with nvidia custom resolution backup tool) but it doesnt seem to work at all.


my setup:

asrock z77 pro4

2600k (integrated graphics enabled)

gtx 970 (now on 359.00)

16gb ddr3 1600


17" 1280x1024 vga on integrated graphics

24" 1920x1080 (runs fine with 2560x1440) dvi-d of gtx 970

1080p tv over hdmi on gtx 970

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Problem is Microsoft probably just killed Nvidia drivers.  I can't speak for AMD since I don't have an AMD card to test it. But Nvidia control panel is just useless now. It can't even change resolutions in Windows 10. and I can't use my monitor 3840x2160 @ 60hz It just says it doesn't support it. But I was using it a day ago in windows 8.1.


And no one is interested in fixing the problem.


Luckily I have MSI Gaming 5 motherboard, which comes with Killer Network suite. Allowing you to block even system programs from accessing internet. You might want to try a program like that. I never updated my old windows 8.1 and never had any viruses :P and I'll give your old driver a go if it works I'll try to suggest a program that you can use to block system services and such so windows can't update. Back in 2003 there used be netlimiter but I don't know if they support new windows versions.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

thanks for the help, appreciate it.


after the 1511 update, windows didnt ignore updates that should have been ignored, now got them blocked again and installed the 353.38 driver.

unfortunately those don't seem to work anymore "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)".

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I have windows 10 and i am using a higher resolution for my secondary monitor to accomodate for its size. (19" 1280*1024 native). I use Nvidia's DSR function which allows me to set the higher resolution within windows.

For my main monitor i use the native 1440P resolution but for some games i create a custom resolution with an 80 Hz refresh rate.

Everything works fine, however i dont know which driver version i am using, i am assuming the current one.

who cares...

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OMG! It works! I have 60Hz at 3840x2160 :D I'll just keep blocking the future windows updates for being safe. It seems Nvidia has no intention of hiring some programmers to work on their drivers anytime soon. No need to risk things. 
It's the latest windows version btw.'

Just uninstall drivers from programs like uninstalling a program and see if it works.

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Last Nvidia update refused to accept one of my monitors resolutions, Driver Uninstaller, clean removal and reinstall of the Nvidia driver suite fixed it.

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Nvidia drivers are currently broken under Windows 10 for a LOT of people and Nvidia has yet to acknowledge the issues people are having. Pretty annoying, is it not?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

thanks KamiKatze,


last time i checked out dsr, it was completely useless as it would blur everything to an unrecognizable degree, now it works actually pretty good

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