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EK-XRES 140 DDC PWM 3.2 makes super loud noise and runs at full speed

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello I just finished my custom loop to cool my 5820k and dual 980ti. My pump res combo from ek the XRES DDC 140 PWM 3.2 makes a super loud sound and seems to be operating at full speed at all times, I am using an asus rampage v extreme motherboard and have set my pump/res header to pwm silent and it stil runs at full speed is there any way I can fix this? The sound is louder than a stock 290x blower cooler its driving me crazy.

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If there's still air in the system the pump can be super loud. Also DDC is not the most quiet pump. Let the system bleed for a few hours, if you see any bubbles in the tubes hit the tube there with something.

Can't help regarding the RPM issue. I always use some kind of program and a custom curve for PWM. 

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Same setup.  I had to use fan Expert to set the pump speed.   Anything over 1500 RPM starts to be audible.  

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