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Best on ear, small compact headphones for ~$60usd

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Posted · Original PosterOP

As a person who can't stand IEMs and earbuds, I need a pair of headphones for on the go travel, Some thing small and compact, not a stinking pile of sh*t and very cheep, around $60 USD (£40 GBP, $81 CAD, 57 EUR).


My normal headphones, The bear dynamic COP, are too big to take with me to school/collage each day.


Ive had a look at some Sony ones, but I have my eyes set on either of the following AKG:


- AKG K 451  - tinyurl.com/AKGK451-UK        tinyurl.com/AKGK451-US

- AKG K 511  - tinyurl.com/AKGK511-UK        tinyurl.com/AKGK511-US


The k 511 are less expensive in US but the two are about the same in the UK, whether that means the 511 are over priced hear or the k451 are a good deal i don't know.


I don't know if i want open headphones since they could be too leaky but reviews of the k 511 don't look as good as the k451 bearing in mind there the same price for me in the UK.


Can anyone recommend any other headphones that they use for portability. And if the openness of the K451 will be a problem for on the bus say where i want to block out the noises well as keep my music to my self.

Or if anyone can recommend some nice non rubber/foam tipped earphones that are actually decent. I've heard good things about the apple earphones of all things.

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